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5 Funny Ads From The Past That Will Make Your Weekend Laughter-Rich

Humorous commercials have always been known to give brands more traction amongst their audience than their products themselves. This is because witty and memorable commercials create the necessary impact that makes customers re-visit a brand every now and then.

While most ads that we see on TV are based on the same old and mundane concepts, some ads have that x-factor that helps them stay with us for an extended period. So, here we are with 5 such funny TV commercials for today's segment of #FunnyFridays that will surely give you a stomach ache with their laughter quotient.

1. SportsCenter: Seth Hayes (1994)

SportsCenter has come up with several ads over the years. But this 1994 commercial, which is a parody of a mistaken draft choice, will be remembered for ages to come. The ad shows SportsCenter picking up a rookie broadcaster at a very young age. However, the young kid gets himself into trouble for going too far on-air.

Well, who would have imagined that the ad will come true twenty years later with ESPN’s most popular pundit, Bill Simmons, being suspended for blasting NFL commissioner Roger Goodell profanely!

2. Zazoo: The Little Boy (2002)

This 2002 Belgian commercial for Zazoo condoms offers a stark reminder of how amazing life could be if you don’t have annoying kids around you. All you have to do is a bit of family planning and you’ll never have to listen to these kids scream at the top of their voices in a supermarket.

Honestly, if I had such an annoying kid, I would have a condom on 24/7 to prevent any such “mishappenings” in the future.

3. Epuron: Mr. Wind (2008)

Have you ever thought of the wind as a person? Well, this commercial from energy company Epuron actually personified the wind and showcased its actual potential, which if harnessed properly, could prove to be immensely beneficial.

The ad shows Mr. Wind getting on the nerves of every person that he encounters and the poor chap doesn’t even seem to realize what’s putting everyone off. This keeps happening until someone acknowledges his presence, leading to one of the best payoffs in the history of commercials.

4. M&M: Love Ballad (2013)

This M&M commercial showcases the sheer horror that an anthropomorphized piece of candy would have to go through to be in a relationship. From getting tossed into an oven to getting licked on the couch while watching a movie- the poor candy has to bear it all for love.

The cute, red M&M gives and gives endlessly but the only reciprocation he ever gets is when someone tries to take a bite out of him. Damn, you’ve got to feel sorry for the poor lad!

5. Spectrum TV: Monsters’ Barbecue (2018)

What’s common between a werewolf, a haunted puppet, a vampire, and a mummy? They are all sick of having to pay hidden contract fees from cable companies! It looks like even the classic Hollywood monsters can’t escape these fees from DIRECTV.

The ad shows these fellows hanging out by the pool, discussing mundane things during a backyard barbeque. That’s when the werewolf couple reveals that they were charged an automatic $99 service fee from DIRECTV for a very small issue. Well, it looks like humans and monsters finally have something that we both equally hate- unnecessary and hidden charges!

Bottom Line

And those were some of the funniest commercials aired during the last few decades. Humor has always given brands an edge over their competitors and we closely follow how brands have leveraged this art to get an upper hand over their rivals so that we can bring to you funny commercials like these, week after week.

We’ll be back next week with a few more funny ads. Till then, stay tuned and take care, folks!


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