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5 Funny Indian Commercials That Will Set the Tone for Your Weekend

We did an article a couple of days ago on some of the most racist Indian commercials. While the overall message from these brands and commercials obviously reeks of blatant racism, the sheer stupidity of the ideas behind those commercials also makes us laugh. They somehow kept the humor quotient intact even without trying to do so.

However, if you have been looking for some genuine laughter, then these 5 hilarious Indian commercials will do the trick for you. So, for today’s #FunnyFridays article, here we are with 5 hilarious Indian commercials that will crack you up.


They say love can’t be limited to one person and there is always going to be more than one taker for your love. Even if you’re married!

This hilarious commercial shows a married couple talking to each other and professing their love for other people. Hearing their rather controversial statements, an old lady who is probably the husband’s mother is so scandalized that she faints. It’s only later that the audience comes to know that they weren’t talking about people but real estate properties. What’s in a name, you ask? Well, pretty much everything!

2. PNB Metlife

We don’t really expect much creativity from insurance companies in their advertising. But this commercial from PNB Metlife wholly changed my perception.

The commercial shows a street magician transforming a man into a pigeon. Just when the magician was about to bring him back to his real form, the pigeon flies into the sky along with other birds and the magician is unable to figure out the pigeon that was previously transformed.

Not only is this commercial truly hilarious but also highlights the fact that life is very uncertain and therefore, insurance can go a long way in bringing about some degree of certainty in your life.

3. Camlin Whiteboard Markers

Just like the previous PNB Metlife commercial, I had not expected such creativity from a marker brand.

Camlin released various brief commercials showing the owner of a company trying to convey to his staff what their company really needs. However, the employees take everything that their boss says quite literally. Thankfully, with Camlin markers, nothing is set in stone and you can reverse what you say (or write!).

4. M Seal

This hilarious M Seal commercial offers a good lesson on why one should never be greedy and be content with what they have.

The commercial features an old man on his deathbed and his son trying to coax him into handing over to him his entire property on a rainy night. However, as fate would have it, just as he was about to leave after having his way, a drop of water from a leak in the ceiling falls on the old man’s will and erases the first digit on it. As soon as this happens, the old man also passes away. That’s when the son starts mourning too, however, we know it isn’t because of his father’s demise.

5. Seagram’s Imperial Blue

And now’s the time for the best one on this list. Regardless of how many times you watch it, this commercial never fails to crack you up.

The commercial shows a man visiting a jewelry shop to purchase a diamond ring for his wife. From the conversation between him and the salesman, we come to know that the man forgot his marriage anniversary which was a day ago. Realizing the gravity of the situation, the salesman offers him a much heavier ring to assuage his spouse.

You’ve got to admit, being just a wee bit mindful can sometimes save you a fortune!

Wrapping Up

And that was a wrap of yet another segment of #FunnyFridays. While the Indian advertisement industry has come up with some of the most emotional TV ads in the past, it has also given us some of the most hilarious ads to be ever seen on TV and these commercials are ample testimony to that.

We’ll be back with more amazing commercials for you. Till then, stay tuned!

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