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5 Funny Southeast Asian Ads That Will Drive You Crazy with Laughter

Hello folks, we’re back with another segment of #FunnyFridays, where we bring to you some of the latest videos available on the Internet. While we have covered ads from almost every major market, there is something particularly unique about Asian commercials, particularly advertisements from Southeast Asian advertisements.

While the Western advertising philosophy is all about quick and concise messaging, South East Asian commercials are often long-form, complex, and sometimes downright confusing. These ads often tend to keep the audience guessing as to what product is being marketed. So, here are 5 funny Southeast Asian commercials that will crack you up.

1. ChamE

After seeing hundreds of commercials from Southeast Asia, there’s one thing that I am sure of- that the region is excessively obsessed with looks. And this obsession with looks can be seen in their zombies too.

The commercial shows a woman caught amidst zombies. Apparently, the commercial is about a brew that makes you look so pretty that even the zombies want to know the secret to it. Well, it looks like the brew is actually effective because the female zombie looked quite pretty after trying it.

2. Sunsilk

This commercial from Sunsilk Thailand showcases a modern Cinderella story that has all the elements of the original story, but with slight twists.

The ad shows Cindrella making herself unrecognizable by treating her hair. She goes to the royal ball where she hits it off with the prince instantly, thanks to her smooth, silky hair. After she departs, the prince goes to great lengths to find her. The ending would leave you surprised and in splits of laughter; watch the ad to know why.


They say don’t lose your cool until you have a clear picture ahead of you. And this commercial is a prime example of that.

The ad is about a dinner set, which is placed at the center of the conversation. However, the plot is just of this world with the husband accusing his wife of infidelity at seeing the new dinner set being laid out for two people in his absence. Just when he loses his shit and accuses her of cheating him, his son quietly takes a set at the table and the man is left with his foot in the mouth.

Who on earth would someone even think of promoting a dinner set through an untrusting husband?😨

4. Ajinomoto Stadium

Now I have seen quite a few commercials with rather bizarre storylines but this one has probably got the weirdest way of promoting a stadium.

The commercial shows a fresher at college who is awestruck looking at all the pretty girls in the university. However, what happens next baffles the young lad. Southeast Asian ads, for sure, are a drama in themselves.

5. SECOM Home Security

This is undoubtedly the best commercial out of all 5 ads. Imagine being in a situation where everything except you in the world comes to a standstill and you are at liberty to do as you please without having to worry about what others might think only to realize that you were not as alone in the world as you thought you were.

This commercial from SECOM Home Security is genuinely funny and its product placement, although slightly skewed, fully captures the audience’s attention. As illogical as the ad is with everyone stopping right in their tracks at the same time, you have to give credit to the makers for their ingenuity.

Wrapping Up

And that was a wrap of yet another #FunnyFridays segment. Southeast Asian ads have made quite a name for themselves for going over the board sometimes. However, there’s one thing that everyone will agree with- that their ads are hilarious. And these 5 commercials prove that point.

We’ll be back with more awesome videos for you. Till then, stay tuned!

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