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5 Funny Vietnamese Commercials That Will Leave You Doubled Up With Laughter

Throughout our #FunnyFriday series, we have covered hilarious commercials from all across the APAC region. However, Vietnam somehow stayed out of our radar; however, we realize that it’s high time to buck that trend because Vietnamese ads are second to none when it comes to being funny.

So, here we are with the 5 funniest Vietnamese commercials that will serve you with the perfect dose of laughter over the weekend.

1. Petrolimex Scooter Oil

She’s got the looks, she’s got the curves, she’s got the talk, she’s got the walk, she’s got….. whoa, wait a min! Why does she have a leg as thick and muscular as a wrestler???😨

This commercial from Petrolimex Scooter Oil has got all the ingredients that will keep the audience hooked and entertained throughout the ad. While the commercial opens up with the hot-looking model entering the restaurant and making everyone take notice, the camera soon focuses on her left leg, which is unusually thick and muscular and is in stark contrast to her well-toned right leg.

We soon find out how she has accumulated all that muscle mass in her leg. I couldn’t help but wonder whether this phenomenon works for males too or if women are an exception.

2. Vietnam Women’s Union

Dear ladies, what’s the best thing that you can give to your man who’s going away from you for a while? Maybe a condom? Well, that’s what this commercial tells us!

While the concept and content of this commercial are unique, its wholly unexpected ending is what makes it even more amazing. There’s no way you could have imagined the girl giving her boyfriend a condom. It looks like she is sure that the young lad would stray at some point. Well, the girl not only knows her partner inside out but also understands his situation. My girlfriend would rather choke me to death than granting such liberties!

3. Laurier

So, you thought a sanitary pad is only good for catching menstrual blood? Well, think again! They could come in handy for foiling an assassination attempt too- just like they do in the movies (read Mission Impossible).

In fact, the “action sequences” in the ad are nothing less than the ones in some of the most popular action movies and you get the feeling that you are actually watching one. Until the sanitary pad is flicked to absorb what is possibly a vial of poison. That’s what you find difficult to wrap your head around. Thankfully, it’s just a funny commercial and you can allow logic to take the back seat while taking a good laugh at the commercial.

4. Yes Satellite TV

Imagine a bunch of American troops being taken hostage by Vietnamese soldiers against the backdrop of the Vietnamese war. How do you expect that to end? Certainly not the way this commercial ends!

With bullets raining down from all directions and bombs exploding like crackers, the musical show put up by the actors in this commercial is an absolute treat to watch. Also, you’ve got to praise the advertising team behind this commercial for their awesome product placement.

5. Samurai

The office can often be boring and when you’re bored you tend to drift off to sleep. But not while the energy drink Samurai is around.

This commercial from the energy drink Samurai shows a man overwhelmed by lethargy being woken up by the personified Samurai and getting all charged up after he does a few funny exercises with the Samurai. He wraps up all his work but just when you think he’s done for the day, his boss gives him more work to do.

But the Samurai’s pupil would have none of it and swings his teacher’s sword a few times and the boss is left with just his vest and nickers. Also, the office hottie now seems to have a crush on him for his ‘valor’. Hmm, not bad, I think I am going to try this drink soon enough; I’d be glad if it gets me even half of the results that it shows in the ad.

Wrapping Up

And that was a wrap of yet another #FunnyFridays segment. Like most other APAC commercials, Vietnamese commercials are also funny and don’t shy away from presenting humor in its most natural form. They don’t seem to rely much on subtlety and everything is as apparent as it could be. Not bad if you can keep coming up with such funny ads.

We’ll be back next week with more awesome commercials. Till then, stay tuned!

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