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5 Heartwarming Chinese New Year 2024 Ads That Will Melt Your Heart with Festive Cheer

The Chinese New Year is finally here. And like each year, brands have left no stone unturned this year to drive maximum customer engagement through compelling adverts. While humor is a critical element in almost all CNY ads, it's their ability to fill the audience’s heart with a whole spectrum of emotions that drives their success. And 2024 has no scarcity of such commercials.

So, here are 5 heartwarming Chinese New Year 2024 ads that will give your lunar year the ideal start.

1. MR. DIY: Wo AI Ni

Malaysian home improvement retailer MR. DIY released a heartfelt CNY ad this year that in today’s tech-driven world where we rely heavily on virtual tools and gadgets to get by, one doesn’t necessarily have to depend on technology to express love.

The ad revolves around a retired school headmaster who is a strict disciplinarian. However, when his family members visit him to celebrate the New Year, they feel confused by a drastic change in his mannerisms, which include him enquiring about his daughter’s mental health and engaging with his grandkids to participate in the latest social media trends. When they finally ask him why he’s suddenly doing all this, he informs them he’s been relying on artificial intelligence to understand how he can express his love toward his family, with whom he’s been strict all his life.

That’s when his grandson teaches him that he doesn’t need AI to show his love; instead, a genuine heart-to-heart connection is all it takes to make anyone feel loved.

2. Etiqa: Further, Together

Have you ever wondered why people who play team sports tend to forge lifelong friendships with their teammates? If not, this advert will probably help you figure that out.

The ad showcases four boys preparing for a relay race at school. Seeing their lack of chemistry, their coach asks them to have lunch together, every day. When one of the boys doesn’t turn up for lunch one day, they find out from their coach that his mother has been admitted to the hospital, which is why he hasn’t been doing too well at practice. The rest of the boys visit him at the hospital and from there begins a story of lifelong friendship, through fights and failures.

3. Petronas: When The Heart Calls/ To Those Who Wait To Celebrate

This year, global Malaysian oil and gas company Petronas released two short movies that reminded everyone of the importance of family.

The first advert shows a woman trying to get through to her mother on a phone call on the Chinese New Year on the first day, which women celebrate with their husband’s family. In the second ad, we see how the woman and her husband adapted to the tradition by celebrating the lunar year on the second day, instead of the first day like everyone else.

This way they ensured that their daughters don’t have to go through the pain of being away from their family on New Year after getting married like their mother.

Traditions are good, especially if you can make them truly yours by adapting accordingly!

4. Maybank: Unspoken

From booming drumbeats of the lion dance to non-stop and exuberant chatter with friends and family, the Chinese New Year is truly a chaotic myriad of noises. And that’s where the warmth and liveliness of this day stems from. But have you ever wondered what it is like for people who can’t hear? Well, Maybank did and decided to do something about it too.

Maybank’s CNY advert for 2024 seeks to drive awareness about the experience of people with disabilities during festivities. The ad revolves around a deaf girl Lim Bee Chin as she finds herself aloof amidst the New Year celebrations. The ad encourages people to approach deaf people during such gatherings and try to communicate with them with sign language, especially since 80% of our communication is non-verbal.

And why not? After all, the real fun of any celebration lies in embracing the language of inclusion. 

5. Apple: Little Garlic

And here’s my favorite CNY ad from this year. And boy, it’s a real tearjerker, so you better keep those tissues handy!

This over 15-minute long short film was shot entirely on iPhone 15 Pro Max and tells the heartwarming story of the cutest little girl that you’d come across. Unfortunately, the young girl isn’t too confident about her looks and her lack of self-esteem prevents her from getting anywhere in life even during her later years. Thankfully, her dear grandfather is right beside her to help her overcome her insecurities.

I don’t want to give away any spoilers. So, watch this heartwarming tale about self-discovery to find out how the cute young girl finally manages to embrace her true self.

Wrapping Up

And that was a wrap of the best Chinese New Year ads from this year. From funny and entertaining to soul-stirring and emotional, the CNY adverts this year encompassed a whole range of sentiments. Watch the ads discussed above to find out what it takes to come up with a truly heartfelt CNY commercial.

The ClickInsights family would like to wish you and your loved ones a very happy and prosperous Chinese New Year.! Have a great year ahead!

We’ll be back with more amazing adverts for you. Till then, stay tuned!

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