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5 Hilarious Ads From Yesteryear That Will Leave You Rolling On The Floor With Laughter

Before Netflix and Amazon Prime became our go-to sources for entertainment purposes, we used to watch television where we were often forced to sit through TV commercials. While most of these used to be utterly boring, there were a few gems that had it in them to keep you glued to your seat as long as they aired. They have managed to stand the test of time and can spark nostalgic feelings in anyone who’s watched them when they were initially aired.

So, for this week’s #FunnyFridays, we have got for you 5 such hilarious ads from the past that can make you burst into laughter and lighten up your mood instantly. Let’s take a look.

1. Tootsie Pop: How Many Licks? (1968)

You want to know how many licks it would take to get to the center of a Tootsie Pop. Who do you turn to? Of course, to nature’s finest- a cow, a fox, a turtle, and an owl. And of course, the wise old bird is the only one who’s got the right answer. It’s three! But the world may never know. They may also never find out why the boy was butt naked while talking to these creatures!

The ad went on to be a lucrative part of the company and helped them sell merchandise decorated with these iconic characters.

2. Wendy’s: Where’s the Beef? (1984)

You know you’ve got an iconic commercial when one of the lines becomes a phrase used in everyday life. Wendy’s achieved that status with its memorable “Where’s the beef?” ad in 1984.

The ad featured a group of old people appreciating the large-sized buns used in the burger. However, they soon find the beef inside the buns is very low in quantity and that’s when Wendy’s comes into the picture, claiming that with Wendy’s, you never have to ask “Where’s the beef?”

While the ad is funny in its own way, it also raked in $76.2 million in sales a year after the commercial was aired- this after they were on the verge of bankruptcy!

3. McDonald’s: The Showdown (1993)

Two of the NBA’s greatest, Larry Bird and Michael Jordan, are seen competing in this McDonald’s ad for a juicy Big Mac. Of course, cholesterol is no problem for these athletes!

The competition starts off with easy shots and keeps getting more challenging. They are later shown shooting a basket off a building and easily making it. Legend has it that the two are still squaring it off on Mars since the two were never shown securing the Big Mac after all. Maybe it is a signal that you should keep away from Big Mac if you want to be a great athlete.

4. Reebok: Terry Tate (2003)

The ad from Reebok aired in 2003 and featured Lester Speight as Terry Tate- an office linebacker, who is brought into the Felcher & Sons’ office to help the owners drive productivity.

And Terry certainly knows how to boost employees’ productivity. From tackling and chasing employees who take long breaks and play Solitaire to yelling at people who forget their TPS reports, Terry does it all. Well, I think someone needs to explain Terry his role in detail because it looks like he is preparing them for military service!

5. Holiday Inn: Whale Song (2006)

This commercial has got to be the craziest of the lot. To be honest, I don’t see any point in why this ad was aired as there seems a huge disconnect between the ad and the brand messaging.

However, the main character in the ad is seen imitating a humpback whale while sitting in his hotel room- and that’s hilarious. The insanity surrounding this commercial is precisely what makes it so funny.

Bottom Line

And that’s a wrap for this week’s #FunnyFridays. We’ll be back next week with a few more funny ads that will make you fall off your seat with laughter.

Till then, stay tuned and take care!

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