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5 Hilarious Christmas Ads That Would Make Even Santa Go ROFL!

It’s #FunnyFridays and it’s Christmas! Well, technically there are still a couple of days to go left before we’re greeted with the biggest day of this festive season. And like I had said in our blog on Christmas ads last week, you can’t just get enough of Christmas commercials. Especially, if they are as funny as the ones that we are about to cover in this blog.

So, brace yourselves for a laughter riot ahead and take a look at these 5 insanely funny Christmas commercials.

1. Duracell: #ChristmasisChaos

Do you ever wonder what would happen if Santa falls out of favor and is replaced by someone else? If not, this 2017 Duracell ad will shed some light on the plight of Santa who’s suddenly not as popular as he used to be.

It all begins with Santa giving kids toys that don’t have enough battery or let’s say don’t have the Duracell battery. As the batteries run out and toys stop functioning, not only humans but Santa’s trusted elves also begin to rally against him and find a replacement for him. Shit hits the ceiling when the reindeer abandons him too.

But don’t worry; none of this happens as Santa uses the Duracell battery and the old man’s job and reputation are saved.

This 2019 Heineken ad is an ode to all the goof-ups of the festive season. From boarding the wrong taxi and burning the Christmas dinner to getting the wrong luggage and wearing the wrong outfit- no festive season is complete without these little holiday troubles.

The festive season is a time that everyone looks forward to but it usually doesn’t go as you had planned it. And this Heineken ad gives quite a glimpse of those small silly mistakes, which are part and parcel of every festive occasion. While the ad is genuinely funny, the background score makes it even better. Accidents will happen, when you least expect them!

3. Icelandic Glacial: #HotSanta

Ohh boy, is it just these folks in this ad or Santa has actually become incredibly hot these days?

This 2016 Christmas ad by Icelandic Glacial shows how differently you view things (and Santa) once you take a sip from their water. These folks even brought on board a lady Santa. Who would have thought that instead of bringing gifts, Santa would become the gift one day?

4. Chevrolet: #DeerFishHunter

What would it be like to get your new Chevy with Santa as the sales representative? Especially if you are a hunter who likes to hunt, let’s say deer!

This 2011 ad was part of Chevrolet’s 2011 ad campaign that showed people coming to their store and being greeted by an old, chubby guy with his hair and beard as white as snow. No prizes for guessing who the sale representative could be. But what would happen if the potential customer is fond of hunting deer? The hilarious conversation between the hunter and Santa makes this ad truly amazing and funny.

5. Mulberry: #MulberryMiracle

And now the most absurd and probably the most controversial ad on the list- the Mulberry Miracle ad.

For its 2015 Christmas ad campaign, high-end fashion retailer Mulberry used the story of the nativity and replaced baby Jesus with a handbag. The commercial showed a man gifting his partner a bag before they are visited by three kings, wise men, and shepherds who all come to adore the £900 present. While the ad received backlash from some conservative quarters, it was overall liked by people all over the world. Why? Because even an idiot knows that an overpriced piece of leather can’t ever replace Jesus and his miracles.

Wrapping Up

And that was a wrap of yet another #FunnyFriday segment. Christmas is just a couple of days away, and we wish you a very happy Christmas. May your life be always filled with laughter- and kickass marketing campaigns like these!

We’ll be back with more awesome commercials for you. Till then, stay tuned.


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