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5 Hilarious Commercials That Will Put Even Mr. Bean to Shame

And we are back with yet another segment of #FunnyFridays where we bring to you some of the funniest commercials from the advertising world. Humor is a great way of driving brand consideration and ensuring that you stay at the customers’ top-of-the-mind. While several brands have tried incorporating humor into their commercials, only a few have managed to make their audience laugh. And honestly, who cares about the losers?

So, here we are with the 5 funniest commercials that can make anyone burst with laughter.

1. Berlitz: German Coastguard

At first glance, you’d think that it’s just another commercial. You might even not find anything funny about this ad initially. But the punchline is certainly worth waiting for.

Language learning company Berlitz got its point across in a funny and unique way through this commercial. The ad features a German coastguard who is clearly “linguistically challenged” as far as the English language is concerned. The ad is relatable and unexpected, which makes it so funny.

The commercial ends with a serious call to action: Improve Your English! The poor German coastguard definitely needs to see this ad while the rest of us need to pray that we don’t ever have to come across this fellow, especially under such circumstances!

2. IRN-BRU: New Fella

The rivalry between Scotland and England is decades old and is now an open secret. And this commercial from IRN-BRU makes the most out of it through its famous “IRN-BRU gets you through” tagline.

The ad features a young Scottish girl introducing her boyfriend to her father who is clearly frustrated by his “Englishness”. But that’s when IRN-BRU comes to his aid. With each sip of IRN-BRU, he starts feeling a little better.

Well, regardless of whether or not you’re Scottish, the English chap’s mannerisms can put anyone off. I am certain the lad would be disowned by his compatriots too if they saw this commercial.

3. Snickers: Get Some Nuts

What do you do if you produce the best-selling candy bars in the world? Well, you come up with such crazy and unpredictable commercials like this one from 2007.

The ad features A-Team’s very own Mr. T who explodes onto a football pitch in a tank. He yells and throws a Snickers bar at a football player who is ‘pretending’ to get injured. Well, what do you do when you come across commercials like these? Nothing, you just pick your jaw off the floor, have a good laugh, and grab yourself a Snickers.

4. Melbourne Metro Trains: Dumb Ways to Die

While there have been many funny ads in the past, few are as funny and popular as this one from Melbourne Metro Trains, which was a part of its awareness campaign.

The video has a catch and bespoke song running in the background and features cute animated characters that are killed in the most absurd ways. The message is plain and simple- be careful around trains. The best part about this ad is that not only is it funny but also highly informative and educational, which is why it had such a great impact on the viewers.

5. Old Spice: Danger Zone

To what extent can you go to smell good? Well, Neal Bledsoe didn’t mind getting his balls and the lower half of his body eaten by aquatic animals in this decade-old commercial from Old Spice.

The commercial features Neal being torn to pieces. The message is clear and conveys that you’ll smell good, no matter what! There seems to be one small problem though, you have to have a body to smell good. It looks like that was the least of the concerns for the makers of this commercial. Nevertheless, it’s funny to watch.

Wrapping Up

And that was a wrap of yet another segment of #FunnyFridays. Humor can work wonders for you if you know how to use it like the brands mentioned above. The key is having a script that is short, funny, and crisp and bringing in actors who can deliver.

We’d be back next week with more such hilarious commercials for you. Till then, stay tuned and take care fellas!


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