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5 Hilarious Veganism Commercials That Got Even The Vegans Laughing

In recent years, there has been an exponential rise in the number of people going vegan and abstaining from consuming and using animal products. While PETA has been at the forefront of almost every veganism campaign, many other vegan food brands and animal rights NGOs have successfully championed the cause of a vegan earth through highly creative ad campaigns. And both you and I know that humor is the best way to get your point across.

So, here we are with 5 hilarious veganism commercials that left everyone in splits.

1. Redefine Meat: Cow Repurposing Institute

Plant-based brand Redefine Meat came up with a very creative and funny commercial in 2022 that shows how cows would be used for other purposes once their consumption as food products goes down.

The 75-second spot shows a world where people no longer eat meat and cows are, therefore, at liberty to pursue a career path of their choice and follow their passions. From operating drones and giving massages to becoming academics and mascots, cows are shown doing everything. What’s more, the cows are even shown deploying some dark humor when they reveal their plans to take revenge on humans for farming them.

Well, not sure if such a scenario would ever become a reality but cows would surely prefer this line of work over chewing grass, day in and day out!

2. Quorn Foods: Why Choose The Alternative?

Quorn Foods is another brand that has promoted veganism with its unique and highly creative ad campaigns.

This 30-second Quorn commercial from last year features a woman sitting in her kitchen who’s about to eat a sandwich when a sultry voiceover starts talking about Quorn’s new Deli slices. When the camera turns toward where the voice is coming from, we see a puppet pig sneaking into a microphone and saying that it wouldn’t bother wondering what the alternative is. It is soon joined by two more puppet farm animals- a cow and a chicken!

Do you want to know the alternative? Well, be prepared for the puppet pig’s voice to ring into your ears!

3. PETA: Fight The Bite

Well, could any “top vegan ads compilation” ever be complete without including at least one commercial from the animal rights group PETA? I don’t think so!

This 30-second spot from 2022 shows chicken food items turning into real birds and attacking unsuspecting diners as soon as they’re about to eat the food. Regardless of whether or not you find this ad funny, the mere idea of a chicken springing right into your face as you’re about to get a bite from your big, juicy chicken burger not only makes you squirm in your pants but also go crazy with laughter at the same time😂

4. Vegan Friendly: Hell of a Steak

This 60-second spot from the Israeli brand Vegan Friendly shows what it takes to bring to steaks to our plates.

This 2022 commercial presents a hilarious take on the environmental impact of feeding and rearing cows and the huge price that the earth has to pay for it. One of the reasons why I loved this commercial is that it showcases the environmental hazards of consuming meat instead of just presenting things from the standpoint of kindness and compassion toward animals.

Also, when you present a scenario that looks as realistic as that, one might as well go vegan!

5. Kiwi Bacon: Help Yourself

Okay, I’m not too sure if this advert should be here at all since it does nothing to promote veganism. On the contrary, you might be convinced to try meat toward the end of the advert. But it’s certainly funny!

This 30-second advert by New Zealand's brand Kiwi Bacon shows a woman enjoying bacon when a man, who’s most likely her husband, gets home. But in her bid to hide that she had meat from the strictly vegetarian man, she knocks him unconscious in a dramatic turn of events.

The message toward the end of the advert “You can’t help but help yourself” pretty much sums up the crux of this advert.

Wrapping Up

And that was a wrap of some of the most hilarious veganism adverts that we have seen in recent years. Veganism is a rapidly growing trend and brands would do well to ensure that they respect the sentiments of their vegan clientele and take steps to project themselves as someone genuinely concerned about animal rights.

We’ll be back with more wonderful commercials for you. Till then, stay tuned!

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