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5 Impactful Veganism Commercials That Harnessed the Power of Heartfelt Narratives

Last week, we did a blog on some of the funniest veganism commercials. But while the content of those adverts might seem humorous, there is nothing funny about the very concept of veganism. And vegan brands do everything possible in their commercials to make a deep impact on the psyche of the audience that they are catering to.

So, on that note, let’s today take a look at some of the most impactful veganism commercials that went a long way in convincing people to go vegan.

1. Viva!: Killer Yoghurts

Do you like eating yogurt? Yes? Well, this one’s for you then!

UK’s vegan charity Viva! Came up with a hard-hitting last year that took a dig at people who consumed dairy products. The ad showcases the woman eating raw offal and blood from a corner-style yogurt that’s labeled as “Killer Yoghurt”. The woman is seen smiling and taking a spoonful of a corner section of yogurt as blood drips down her lips and chin.

The ad further promotes the yogurt by saying that it is blended with brutality, and stolen from grieving mothers.

I bet you don’t like yogurt so much now, do you?

2. Vegan Friendly: Extra Fresh

Israeli vegan organization Vegan Friendly released this wonderful advert in 2020 that would surely force people to question their food choices.

The 60-second spot shows a woman and her partner asking the receptionist at a supermarket if they have extra fresh lamb. While the receptionist replies in the affirmative, what happens next gives the couple a bitter reality check. Upon the woman’s request, a guy walks out with a live lamb and hands it over to her, asking her if she would want it to be chopped or wrapped.

It’s only at that moment that the woman realizes that animals aren’t just pieces of meat but living things that are slaughtered merely because someone else thinks that they can’t do without eating them up.

3. PETA: If Serial Killers Said the Stuff Meat-Eaters Say

I came across this 2015 PETA spot yesterday and honestly, I feel stupid for not including this advert in our previous blog on the funniest veganism commercials. But no worries as I’ve got it covered for you now.

This 150-second commercial shows how similar a meat-eater might sound to a serial killer. From abstaining from killing people on specific days of the week and not being able to resist killing to throwing lame excuses like God wanted people to kill others and people have been doing it since time immemorial, the arguments posed by serial killers strike an eerie similarity to the reasoning given by meat-eaters in this one hell of a commercial.

I am not sure if one can still have any appetite for meat after watching this brutal, no-nonsense spot.

4. LCA: Casa de Carne

International non-profit organization Last Chance for Animals released this spine-chilling spot in 2019 to make people realize how challenging meat consumption would be if we were to slaughter the animals ourselves instead of relying on others to do it for us.

The 2-minute ad showcases a man being escorted to a room after he orders ribs at a restaurant that claims to take the dining experience full circle. And they do so by arming the guy with a knife and leaving him alone in a room with a pigling. It turns out that the man doesn’t have the stomach to kill the poor thing himself.

It doesn’t seem any more delicious once you have to do the dirty part yourself, eh?

5. PETA: Are You Eating A Baby?

In case, the adverts mentioned above haven’t already convinced you to give up meat, this 2017 PETA advert will probably do it for you.

The ad showcases a family sitting around a dining table when a woman walks out of the kitchen and reveals the special menu for the day- a human baby roasted to the bone and marinated in the most palatable spices! The ad later reveals that most turkeys are killed for food before they are 6 months old, which effectively means that we have been consuming babies on Thanksgiving all our lives.

Well, guess who doesn’t feel very thankful on Thanksgiving- all those turkeys you have been goring upon for years!

Wrapping Up

And that was a wrap of some of the best veganism adverts that we have seen over the years. While some of these might seem somewhat funny, the message is loud and clear i.e., all lives matter, even those of animals. I don’t think I’ll be eating any meat any time soon. What about you folks? Well, I’ll let you make that call.

We’ll be back with more wonderful commercials for you. Till then, stay tuned!

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