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5 International Women’s Day 2022 Ads That Will Melt Your Heart

And we’re back with some of the most impactful International Women’s Day ads from 2022. Ahead of IWD, several brands have shown their support to the cause of women's empowerment, highlighting their contributions and capabilities through thoughtful ad campaigns. While some of these represent creative excellence, others take actionable efforts in contributing to important causes that matter.

Here are 5 of our top picks that will certainly force you to spare a thought about the issue of gender equality.

1. Vivo (#JoyofEquality)

Vivo came up with a really impactful ad to mark 2022 International Women’s Day. Pictures often say a lot and this ad chronicles how women are expected to behave a certain way in their lives. Through this 70-second spot, Vivo aims to break these gender stereotypes and nudge its audience to introspect and take corrective measures to get past this bias.

Backed by a strong narrative, the ad pans through different phases in a woman’s life and how they are asked to ‘pose’ for society. It tries to bring to light the inequality that is meted out to women right from birth.

2. Elvie (#SmartBodies)

Elvie, a women’s technology brand that sells products such as wearable breast pumps and pelvic floor trainers, kicked off its IWD 2022 campaign with a video that celebrates mothers and the ways their bodies work to care for their children.

The high-energy video revolves around Eva Lazarus, a multi-genre artist who draws on her experience as a mother to a 2-year-old boy. Lazarus condemns the sexualization of women’s bodies and instead highlights their biological complexity. The video counters the shame society often places on new mothers and their bodies, particularly the persisting taboo around breastfeeding.

3. Care (#HerVoice)

Historically, women have had to speak louder to make their voices heard. And Care, through its 2022 International Women’s Day ad, has lent a voice to women that will keep echoing in our ears and minds for ages.

The 165-second ad film chronicles the journey of women in their endeavor to attain the same rights as men and features some of the most successful women from different fields. Throughout the film, we get to hear some of the most thought-provoking statements by these women that inspire the audience to commit themselves to the mission of gender equality.

We’re then made to come face-to-face with some hard-hitting facts like 33,000 girls becoming child brides every day, 40% of the women suffering sexual harassment at the workplace, and only 6 countries giving women equal legal work rights as men.

You have to have a really thick skin to not be affected by those numbers.

4. Gymshark (#WetheChangemakers)

Gymshark, the fitness apparel and accessory brand, launched the “We, the Changemakers” campaign to challenge the gender bias that currently exists in the fitness industry.

The campaign highlights groups and individuals who broke down barriers for women in gym environments and other areas of athletics, beginning with the group Gym Safe Ladies, a U.K.-based organization that draws attention to the issue of sexual harassment in gyms and creates safe fitness environments for all athletes.

Gymshark also sought nominations to award three grants of $10,000 each to women-owned organizations or individuals in the fitness industry who are actively and publicly inspiring. The winners of the grants will also get a chance to participate in a mentorship program.

5. Viviana Mall (#ShameBodyShaming)

Too skinny, too fat, too dark, too short- women have had to put up with these jibes since time immemorial. However, Viviana Mall, India’s largest shopping mall, thinks it’s enough. It’s time to shame body shaming and not the body.

The 60-second spot features some hard-hitting visuals and takes a firm stand against body shaming. After all, beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder, then why the hate?

Bottom Line

Women have been known to break stereotypes and glass ceilings and these ads beautifully capture the essence of womanhood. It’s time the world understands that stopping these women is a far-fetched idea. Because they aren’t going to stop anytime soon!

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