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5 Retargeting Platforms That Every Marketer Should Try

Had there been no retargeting platforms, brands would have managed to convert only 2% of their first-time site visitors. Yes, you read that right. An overwhelming 97% of the people who visit a site, never return to it. This is where retargeting tools come into the picture as they help you turn “missed opportunities” into potential customers. To put it simplistically, retargeting tools help you re-engage the 98% of potential customers that you lost after your first visit to the site.

If these undeniable statistics roar out loud to you, then this blog is meant for you. If you’ve been wondering how to choose the best retargeting software from the never-ending list of platforms, we can help you.

Here we are with a list of the 5 best retargeting platforms that every marketer should try.

1. AdRoll

AdRoll helps companies combine their social, display, and email advertising work in tandem to drive business growth. Powered by industry-leading personalization and automation, brands can better structure, measure, and synchronize their marketing efforts.

AdRoll revolves around fundamental advertising and marketing activities and controls the entire customer’s journey. It delivers the right messages at the right times in the right places to unify your channels, data, and measurement.

2. MailChimp

MailChimp is an all-in-one retargeting platform that helps businesses by providing them with AI-powered, user-friendly tools that can be used by anyone. MailChimp centralizes around your audience targeting to enable you to send automated messages and marketing emails, develop landing pages, create targeted remarketing campaigns, and facilitate reporting and analytics for customer-centric marketing.

MailChimp gives your efforts a personal touch through automated messages that reach your customers at exactly the right time. Thus, it helps you do big things with the right tools and guidance at every step.

3. ReTargeter

ReTargeter provides marketers and agencies with data-driven, programmatic display, and highly targeted advertising solutions that are in line with their business needs and goals. The platform casts a wide net to bring new shoppers into its fold while continuing to re-engage with its existing visitors too.

ReTargeter provides the shoppers with the most innovative and smooth re-engagement experience and helps your reach your customer everywhere. Their solutions are customized and optimized to the client’s needs and go beyond launching campaigns. ReTargeter holds a firm commitment to brand safety, viewability, and effective results.

4. Criteo

Criteo is an advertising platform that’s built on the open Internet. It allows retailers, publishers, and brands of varying sizes to access the data and technology that they need to serve the most relevant ads in real-time.

Also, it combines big data with shopping-focused AI, thereby, enabling you to re-engage with shoppers through personalized video ads. Also, it lets you reach a large number of shoppers with engaging video ads that are generated on-demand to showcase your products across the web.

5. Facebook Custom Audiences

With more than 1 billion active users, Facebook offers endless advertising possibilities. If you have already been running ads on Facebook but are aiming for better conversions, you can try Custom Audiences on Facebook. You will first need to create a Facebook retargeting pixel, and then add it to your website. You can then build your custom audiences.

Facebook Custom Audiences offers great flexibility as it lets you create a separate list for audiences who have already visited a specific page on your site as a ‘website visitor’ category. You can use your list as soon as a special pixel identifies 20 or more customers.

Wrapping Up

The list of remarketing tools given above can help business owners at any level. Organizations of every size can start advertising and use these remarketing tools to enhance their conversion. It would be worthwhile to take into account certain criteria like site inventory, budget, report system, and support before choosing any of the platforms given above.

We hope this list will inspire you to include retargeting in your next digital marketing campaign and use any of the given platforms to reach your target audience with the right message effectively.


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