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5 Worst American Political Campaigns That Will Make You Want To Gouge Your Eyes Out

So, it was the 4th of July a couple of days ago. While we had earlier thought of doing a blog on the best 4th of July campaigns from this year, we instead decided to do one on the people who make the American institutions so robust.

While the U.S. has had quite a few strong and charismatic politicians in the past, their political campaigns often leave a lot to be desired. So, here are 5 worst American political campaigns that will leave you scratching your head wondering what made them come up with that!

1. Ron Paul

Ridiculous! That’s the first word which comes to most people’s minds after watching this advert.

The advert isn’t devoid of policy details. In fact, it goes on and on about why American troops need to be pulled out of foreign lands. However, you would be forgiven if you couldn’t figure out that this was an ad for a man who was trying to run for the office of the U.S. President. Honestly, it looks like a video pieced together by a bunch of young pacifists.

2. Hilary Clinton

This 2008 Hilary Clinton campaign ad is an ideal example of how you can come up with a campaign without giving an ounce of hint about your policy. Show this video to someone to whom you want to explain the meaning of "vague".

The campaign suggests that Clinton would be the safest pair of hands in the White House due to her rich experience and because she is able to deal with “something happening in the world”! Seriously?

3. Peter Hoekstra

Well, well, well, how could we have left him out of this list😂 The man is known for making some of the most controversial remarks. And this ad campaign is no different. Also, the advert would give you a fair idea of what a doucheb*g Hoekstra would turn out to be in case you didn't already know it back then.

The advert is filled with awful racist undertones and poor grammar. The broken English is offensive to say the very least. What was intended to run down the Democratic incumbent Debbie Stabenow, turned out to offend an entire community. Well done, Pete! Honestly, anyone who is ready to own this kind of content as part of their election campaign doesn’t deserve to run in any election.

4. Rick Santorum

And what do we have here?

This ad looks like it was made with Windows Movie Maker about two decades ago by a campaign intern. The video is boring and the message is unclear. I, as a voter, can still put up with a ridiculous ad campaign. But there’s no way I can tolerate a boring and dull advert regardless of how good Rick is at passing legislation!

5. Herman Cain

This presidential ad campaign is the perfect example of a campaign that has run out of money and ideas.

Starring a mute candidate and a chief of staff who wants his one minute of fame, and a very poor choice of music. The campaign chief of staff endorsing his employer (oops, candidate) is a classic example of paid-to-say-that. Ingenious, fellas!

And just when you thought the ad was over, Cain enters with a creepy smile at the end, which makes you think why did he have to come at all. The ad makes no mention of any policies that the presidential candidate would be following if he were to win the elections. Also, very little is said about the quality of the candidate himself. And seriously, what’s with the cigarette???

Wrapping Up

While there must have been many reasons why these candidates lost, their election campaign ads must have surely been a reason. Also, the ads aren’t exhaustive by any means and the ranking is dubious. In case, you are a part of any political campaign, take lessons from this list of stupid political ad campaigns so that your political ad doesn’t feature on this list.

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