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6 Best 2022 Valentine’s Day Ads That Will Wow You

And we are back with the best Valentine’s Day ads for 2022! Valentine’s Day this year is a little different. The pandemic played dampened the last two Valentine’s but with COVID-19 vaccination drives in full swing, people have finally started to enjoy their lives - just like the good old days. And what better way to do it than celebrating it with the love of your life. And guess what, brands understand that too! This is well evident from the ad campaigns of these 6 brands that celebrate love in all its forms.

So, let’s dive right in.

1. Pandora

Pandora is back this year with yet another excellently crafted ad campaign. Pandora’s 2022 Valentine’s Day ad emphasizes that it’s little acts of love that can often mean the world to your partner. The ad features couples exchanging Pandora’s jewelry items and displaying acts of kindness that can be appreciated any day of the year.

The ad serves as a careful reminder to lovers that they need not move mountains in love; these small, thoughtful gestures can often go a long way. Couples are seen gifting each other jewelry items from Pandora. Quite subtle eh, Pandora?

2. Skinn

Skinn’s 2022 Valentine’s Day ad beautifully captures the emotions attached to a long relationship. While nothing beats the passion between two new lovers, a long relationship has its own charm. It’s almost like a wine, the older it is, the more intoxicating it becomes.

The ad, through its smart product placement, drives home the point that an old relationship runs very deep. Also, it celebrates imperfectly perfect relationships by capturing the finer nuances of love which are not only about sparks flying in the air but more about the deep sense of assurance that comes over a period of time.

3. Teleflora

For its 2022 Valentine’s Day ad, floral delivery service Teleflora teamed up with Emmy Award-winning host, author, and comedian, Loni Love. The ad campaign encourages women to uplift others in their lives.

The ad features Loni taking to the streets of Los Angeles to share unexpected compliments and bouquets. We see heartwarming moments of how flowers and special gestures can bring people together and kickstart a movement. As Loni tours around the city, something beautiful happens- women start complimenting one another. The rest is all smiles and tears!

4. Manscaped

Men’s grooming brand Manscaped pulled no punches in its 2022 Valentine’s Day ad and gets right to the point with its Performance Package 4.0, a peak hygiene set. While the product is for men, the ad is targeted towards women who will be buying the Performance Package.

The no-holds-barred attitude of the commercial is particularly appealing and the female lead and other guys just play along with all the right cheeky puns and innuendo. Why invest anything at all in purpose-built landing pages and Valentine-themed design when you can draw in customers with such tantalizing commercials!

5. WOW Skin Science

Greta Thunberg and her fellow environmentalists are going to love this. Love doesn’t always have to be between two people. It can also happen between a person and their environmental surroundings. And WOW Skin Science’s 2022 Valentine’s Day Ad endeavors to prove that by celebrating this day in nature’s warmth.

The ad features scenes from the times when the branches of the trees swayed as if singing a lullaby, or when the sunset bid us goodbye. Nature has always loved us, which is why nature wishes and professes the love that has always been there.

6. Kwentong Jollibee

We had saved the best one for the last. Kwentong Jollibee’s 2022 Valentine’s Day ad is a tribute to every long-distant relationship that withstood the test of time during the COVID-19 pandemic.

The ad features a couple that is stuck far away from each other during the COVD-19 lockdown. Despite their best efforts, they aren’t able to meet each other. This leads to frustration and differences start growing in between them. How they manage to get past their differences and eventually meet is a story that sounds common but feels special every time you hear it.

Wrapping Up

So, that was a wrap of our best 2022 Valentine’s Day ads. Brands this year have gone beyond the regular romantic stories and shed light on love in all its forms. A well-executed ad campaign can go a long way in grabbing everyone’s attention and driving awareness around your brand. All you need is a way to spark curiosity and interest in your audience.

Hopefully, you’d have liked this blog. We’ll soon be back with some of the funniest ad campaigns ever. Till then, stay tuned to our site and spread the love!

Wish you all a very Happy Valentine’s Day!


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