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6 Seriously Funny 2022 April Fool’s Day Ads That Will Leave You Doubled Up With Laughter

As promised to you last week, we are back with some of the wittiest and most hilarious April Fool’s Day commercials from 2022. April Fool’s Day is one day in the entire year where brands can get away with almost anything, including tricking their customers. And like every year, brands made the most of April Fool’s Day this year too.

Here are 6 excellent 2022 April Fool’s Day ads that will leave you rolling on the floor with laughter.

1. Duolingo

If the creepy Duolingo parrot wasn’t enough to give you the jitters, it has now also started abducting people who don’t take their lessons seriously. And all that stands between you and the evil Duolingo parrot are the Menchetti & Sons who can get you hundreds and thousands of dollars in damages.

Just kidding! 😂

Popular American language-learning app Duolingo followed up on their April Fool’s Day from three years ago to come up with this hilarious commercial. The best thing about this ad is that while it’s funny, it also highlights Duolingo’s commitment to its subscribers and clients. That’s a classic way of making fun of yourself while subtly appreciating yourself. Quite smart, Duolingo!

2. ME Bank

If you are a hygiene-conscious customer, then ME Bank and Volley have got just the solution that you need to keep those germs away. ME Bank and Volley have joined hands to launch VolleyPay- a new wearable that lets customers pay with their feet.

The 23-second ad is genuinely funny and is full of acrobatic moves. Imagine lifting your legs to pay for something- makes me burst into laughter.

With their latest venture, ME Bank and Volley have truly given the expression ‘footing the bill’ a whole new meaning.

3. Tushy

Personal hygiene brand Tushy has come up with a promo video for its new reality dating show, It Takes#2. The show revolves around two sexy singles, who are brought together and connect with each other- while sitting on the porcelain throne.

What’s more, you can even take a dump while you’re mounted up there, with your date sitting less than two feet from you.

Well, what else can I say except that it’s an absolute SHITSHOW!

But it’s funny to the core. Do watch it, folks.

4. Emirates Airline

What if you could order food from across the world and enjoy it from the comfort of your home? Well, looks like you’re in luck because Emirates Airline is treating its consumers with its latest offering- Emireats!

Through the ad, the airline company showcases a possibility where people can treat themselves to all the mouth-watering delicacies from across the globe without actually traveling to those parts.

There’s just one small catch- the company says they will be delivering the service soon. Maybe.

But I am sure you’re hoping for this to be true, just like I was!

5. Blip Billboards

Imagine a law firm is run by kids! Blip Billboards turned that idea into reality this April Fool’s Day with Blipper Law- the first kid-run law firm. The 10-second spot shows Blipper Law launching its business with thousands of digital billboards across the U.S.

With pictures of business-suited children and headlines like “Grounded by your parents?” and “Is your sibling a doo-doo head?”, the billboards have truly managed to capture the viewer’s attention while perfectly underlying that this is just a prank.

6. Ixigo

What if your shoe was equipped with all the modern security features and was a one-stop solution to your mobile-related needs too? Welcome Ixigo’s ShoesX- a smart shoe built with the first principle that comes with auto charging and Shoe-R code integration.

Ixigo came up with an amazing ad that talked about reinventing traditional footwear with sneakers that integrate wearable technology. From turning human motion into usable energy from footsteps to providing a USB charging facility for USB devices- ShoesX does it all. Moreover, it has an Ultra wide back camera, 12 MP selfie front camera, direction alert, and GPS vibration sensor.

There’s just one small problem- it was released on April Fool’s Day this year. But wouldn’t it be awesome if we could have something like this?

Wrapping Up

So, that's our list of the best 2022 April Fool’s Day ads. While some of these ads were genuinely hilarious, others just made us wish they were true. But each one of these fulfilled their purpose i.e., pulled amazing pranks on you.

We’ll be back with more amazing ad campaigns for you. Till then. Stay tuned!


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