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8 Chinese New Year Ads from the Last Decade That Will Tug At Your Heartstrings

Yeah, we are at it again. But with just three days to go for the Chinese New Year, we wanted you to accompany us as we revisit some of the best Chinese New Year Ads from the last decade. So, here we go.

Tear Alert: Some of these ads may trigger pluck at your sensitive side, so keep the tissues ready; just in case!

1. Tesco (2014)

Tesco created a one-minute, high-energy ad featuring a social media campaign for its 2014 Chinese New Year ad. The ad, which ran in Malaysia, encourages shoppers to search for the Ong Mali and share it on Facebook with the #ongmali hashtag. The winners of the campaign were eligible for cash prizes, and the promotion also offered discounts to shoppers.

2. (2015)

While auctioning old and unused items from his grandmother during their annual spring cleaning season, Lee Meng inadvertently unites her with an old friend. What people found most enjoyable about this ad from is the cross-cultural element that is often missing from ads these days.

As a company that’s located within a multi-ethnic society, is mindful remains quite mindful of the Malaysian lifestyle. The ad delivers the message loud and clear- the Chinese New Year is not just about reuniting with your family but with all your loved ones.

3. Bank Simpanan Malaysia (2016)

This funny yet beautiful ad fully encompasses the spirit of the Chinese New Year, which lies in spreading happiness all around. The ad showcases a couple expecting their first child. But the father of the husband and the father of the wife get into an argument about who should get to name the baby boy.

As things turned out, they had to go for a new name since the newborn was not a boy, but a girl. The hilarious ad showing two grown-ups settling their differences is truly symbolic of everything that the Chinese New Year stands for.

4. Jetstar (2017)

Budget airline Jetstar turned on the waterworks with their 2017 Chinese New Year ad. The ad reiterated the importance of Chinese New Year as a time for family. The airline came up with this ad as a tie-in with their promotion, which allowed customers to switch their flight dates for free if they had booked to travel out of Singapore on 27th and 28th January.

The ad showed young Singaporeans being offered free tickets, who took up the deal unhesitatingly. But they were told that the tickets were valid only during the Chinese New Year period. However, they were then delivered as a dose of guilt when the reactions of their parents and family members were revealed. All of them rejected the offer, saying that spending time with family was much more important. This made the young Singaporeans retract their acceptance of the offer.

5. Panadol Malaysia (2018)

Panadol’s 2018 Chinese New Year ad presents a tribute to all the mothers out there who shower their children with selfless love. The ad showcases an aging mother, Yu Ying, whose only priority during the Chinese New Year is to prepare her daughter’s favorite dish. She suffers from age-related problems but her undying love for her daughter encourages her to deal with these issues.

Through its heart-touching ad on Yu Ying’s story and millions of other mothers like her, Panadol re-emphasized that the Chinese New Year is a time of joy, not pain.

6. Caltex (2019)

Caltex’s 2019 Chinese New Year ad revolves around Chin Peng, who is a bit of a loser and for whom the Chinese New Year is just another time to be reminded that he won’t be going anywhere. The ending shows Peng winning a lottery.

While I wasn’t too pleased with the ending since the brand plugged in promotion as a conclusion, I understood that this was just the outcome that I’d have hoped for if I was planning the campaign. After all, it got us all talking and showed that everything would be ultimately okay. Isn’t that the message that the Chinese New Year is supposed to deliver?

7. HongLeong Bank Malaysia (2020)

This 2020 Chinese New Year ad is a cute take on the aspirations that we often have as kids. The ad is centralized upon a young girl who is made to sit with other young children at the dinner table during the Chinese New Year. She thinks she doesn’t belong with the kids but at the table where the grown-ups are sitting. What follows is a funny string of efforts that she takes to fit in as an ‘adult’ so that she can join them at the dinner table during the next Chinese New Year.

She is ultimately allowed to join the adults the next year. But just when you think the ad is over, there’s a small twist. It’s her brother’s turn!

8. Apple (2021)

Apple’s 2021 Chinese New Year ad recreated the legend of the Nian monster. The story features Ah Ting, a little but fearless girl who searches for and befriends the Nian monster. The short film explores the coming-of-age theme and talks about overcoming the fear of going into the dark and unknown as you grow older. The young girl’s unlikely friendship with the titular beast from Chinese folklore will surely bring a smile to your face.

Wrapping Up

So that was our second list for the best Chinese New Year ads from the last decade. Like our previous article, the ads in this article again tell a tale of harmony and togetherness, which is the true spirit of the Chinese New Year.

With various brands trying to make the most of the upcoming Chinese New Year, the internet is flooded with a number of ads. Next week, we shall return with a list of the best Chinese New Year ads for 2022.

We wish you a very happy Chinese New Year 2022. Have a great year ahead, fellas!


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