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As AI infiltrates more of the workplace, our jobs seem to get easier and easier. We, as marketers and business owners, now have more time on our hands, not to mention the costs saved over time. While ChatGPT is still at the forefront of generative AI, there are tons of tools that can do more than just create content. And today, we are reviewing one. It is called

Although this platform is a household name in the industry, don’t beat yourself up if you have not heard of it before. By the time you reach the end of this review, you will not only have a fair idea of what is and what it offers but also be able to decide if it is for you or not. So, shall we get started?

What is is a generative AI platform that is used by millions of users worldwide. What sets it apart from other forms of generative AI is its ability to automate tasks. Other than generating content for your marketing efforts, it can help you set up workflows tailored to specific areas of your business.

This tool allows you to create your own library containing key information about your projects so you don’t have to provide it over and over. Also, you can add your own brand voice with your perfect tone and style so your content feels on-brand. But let’s not just stop here. We are going to find out what else is there to do within

Content Generation

Available through the Chat feature (as in ChatGPT), content generation lies at the heart of Its AI algorithm allows you to create content within seconds, just type in your prompt. No matter how intuitive a platform is, it can sometimes be overwhelming for beginners. This is why has templates - tons of them. And they are all tailored to specific use cases. Here are some common ones - headline generators, product brochures, customer case studies, landing pages, step-by-step guides, short summaries, FAQ generators, article generators, and product descriptions.

Let’s say you need a blog. Simply choose Blog Post Wizard. Next, it prompts you to give it a title and some relevant keywords. Finally, pick the tone of your voice (relaxed, professional, bold, friendly, witty, persuasive, luxurious, or adventurous). In fact, you can select the tone for any template you are working with. Interestingly, the Blog Post Wizard is a step-based feature, first generating the outline, which can be rearranged and edited, then the talking points, and finally the content. It allows you the flexibility to be creative at all the stages. Also, the Content Editor within looks clean and intuitive with all the formatting tools in one place.

Brand Voice

It is not unusual for businesses to generate content with AI and find it rather generic. Look at ChatGPT. The more content it generates, the more variations in tone and style you are likely to find. And if you are a business conscious about your brand image, this type of content does not bode well for the image you are going for. has this Brand Voice feature built into the platform that allows you to bring your own tone and style to the AI-generated content.

All it requires you to do is add some sample content for the algorithm to analyze and better understand your tone. In fact, you have the flexibility to create multiple brand voices for different use cases. It helps you achieve that consistency throughout your content. Also, you can set a particular brand voice as default for your entire team space. If not, you or your team can pick one from your library of brand voices when using the Chat feature.

Marketing and Sales offers an all-in-one solution to scale your marketing campaigns and boost your sales. For starters, it can automate your social media campaigns by generating captions and descriptions for Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter. Most generative AI tools can do that. Nothing impressive there!

But offers a wider range of options when it comes to email marketing. It can generate welcome and sign-up confirmation emails for new customers, coupon or discount emails, recurring emails such as newsletters or updates, testimonial emails for sharing customer success stories, event promotion emails, cold outreach emails for prospects, contest and giveaway emails, new product launch emails, and more.

Moving on to paid advertising, the algorithm can generate digital ad copies with multiple variants, Facebook headlines, link descriptions, listicles, primary text, and Google descriptions; making it an ideal tool for Facebook and Google advertising. When it comes to sales, it can put together impressively good sales copies and cold emails for your sales team. Another use case of that may often get overlooked is for your recruitment team. Well, it can generate job descriptions, rejection letters if you need to turn some applicants down, hiring blurbs, and cold messages if you need to reach out to an expert and ask for their help.

Brainstorming Ideas

Unlike ChatGPT, the language model has been trained on the latest data, which means it delivers the latest information. So, you can even rely on it to do some brainstorming for you. If you have run out of blog ideas, let generate some for you. Often coming up with ideas for your next YouTube video can be overwhelming. That’s another use case for’s brainstorming capabilities. But it just scratches the surface of what else you can do.

This platform can help you with some serious market research for your next product. In terms of paid advertising, it can brainstorm ad copies for Facebook and Google. Well, it can also scrape URLs and brainstorm their relevance for your next ad copy.


As mentioned earlier, lets you create your own Infobase. It is a library of all the key information about your business or projects that you can use again in the future. This feature is available from the dashboard in your workspace. Go to the ‘Infobase’ tab. Simply click ‘Add info’ and then fill in the information. If you want, you can even upload a document. After you are done, give it a name or a hashtag and hit ‘Save.’

Next time you are using the Chat feature, you can recall this info by using the hashtag icon. Also, now allows you to group multiple entries together with tags. Easy-peasy!


Workflows inside are automation sequences that can be deployed to automate tasks. To add a Workflow, all you need to do is give the algorithm a prompt, and it is automatically created. If you have a generic Workflow in mind, don’t forget to check the Workflow Library for curated templates. Workflows can auto-create SEO pages and respective content, extract and synthesize information from any LinkedIn profile, automate sales with email sequences, auto-translate text or messages, generate product descriptions from given examples, conduct in-depth research on a company, do webinar follow-ups by summarizing the transcript and sending tailored emails to the attendees, repurpose existing content for different platforms, auto-check plagiarism, auto-generate daily LinkedIn content, write a ‘Connect’ note by scraping a LinkedIn profile, generate competitor analysis reports, recommend the uses cases of your products/services to prospects based on their LinkedIn profiles, generate 4 variants of any given text, determine customer sentiment from customer reviews, and create brand strategies with a defined mission, vision, and core values. However, be warned that some Workflows do require coding skills to a certain extent.

Project Management can also be used for project management needs. But this functionality is not quite advanced.

For example, you can create folders, rename, move, or arrange them. These folders can have pieces of content or entire projects in them. Also, you can sort the contents of these folders by dates and names.


There are five pricing plans - Free, Pro ($49/month), Team ($249/month), Growth ($1333/month), and Scale ($4000/month). All of these vary in the number of users per plan and Workflow credits.

The Free plan only offers 1 user, 2000 words in Chat, and 200 Workflow Credits. If you pay annually, you can save 25% on the pricing.

Final Thoughts

The variety of use cases makes an attractive generative AI option. While its automation capabilities can be a life-saver for your marketing and sales efforts, the required coding skills may seem daunting to some of us.

Besides, it is great to have flexibility in pricing but it should hardly matter when pricing plans are rather expensive, especially for small teams and mid-sized businesses. Overall, is an attractive bundle, if you can afford it.

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