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Digital Outlook 2022 - Predictions by Expert Senior Marketing Practitioners- Part II

Updated: Mar 4, 2022

We’re back with our second installment of expert insights and predictions shared during ClickInsights’ Digital Outlook 2022.

To understand the shift in digital marketing trends, ClickInsights recently organized Digital Outlook 2022, where our panel of expert marketing practitioners from brands, agencies, and technology vendors, offered their insights into the rapidly evolving digital marketing space.

Here are the major predictions by three of our panelists.

Vinay is the Regional Business Director of Abbott Rapid Diagnostics.

According to Vinay, video content will become increasingly important for marketers. Its importance would not be confined to social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram where video content has enjoyed much traction traditionally but would expand to other platforms like LinkedIn too.

Social commerce is the second trend that would pick up in 2022, according to Vinay. Brands would social media channels increasingly to sell their goods instead of relying on stand-alone e-commerce platforms. This will make the role of ratings and reviews even more critical.

The third area of heightened focus, according to Vinay, is privacy. With third-party cookies rendered ineffective by Google Chrome, marketers would have to find new ways of obtaining consumer data. They would, therefore, have to figure out where the customer is in their purchase journey and target them with appropriate communication and offers that can convert those customers.

Olivia is the founder of Shanghai-based Wai Social.

According to Olivia, the shift in consumption habits would be a major area of focus in 2022. According to Olivia, there is an interesting duality emerging. While on one hand there are consumers affected by the post-COVID economy who lay more emphasis on the product price instead of the brand, there is an emerging consumer class of millennials on the other hand who are incredibly brand-savvy.

While they may not stick to one brand, they are ready to consume anything that they see being used by their favorite influencers. Companies will have to find a way to switch between these two types of consumers.

Video marketing was another trend that Olivia felt would take the centre stage in 2022. With the rise of short video apps like TikTok and We Chat, brands need to capitalize upon the potential of these platforms to reach a wider audience.

Also, Livestreaming was the third most important trend, according to Olivia. However, prominent Chinese Livestreamer Viya’s alleged tax evasion case, which forced her to take down her account, has made brands rethink their strategy of deploying these high-profile names as their live streamers. They may instead start their in-house live streaming to ensure a seamless operation.

This brings us to the bonus trend, which is the rise of virtual live streamers. Olivia believes that brands would need to explore the use of virtual live streamers or idols. They would be available 24/7 and can be wholly controlled by the brands.

Liz is the head of strategy and planning at McCann Health, Singapore.

Consistent storytelling is the first most important marketing trend in 2022, according to Liz. This can be done through long-form or short-form videos, images, captions, or vlogging. The trick lies in getting the brand story right first to create content that tells a story.

The rise of micro and nano influencers is the second most important marketing trend for Liz. it is because of their authenticity and relatability, which drive higher engagement. Also, their affordability is a major factor behind their popularity. Also, this may result in extended engagement between brands and micro or nano influencers instead of short-term or one-off projects.

The third most important trend for Liz is e-commerce continuity. The use of elements in e-commerce such as social commerce, increased use of voice assistants, or Livestream commerce is being increasingly embedded into the marketing mix.

Bottom Line

It’s evident from the insights shared by these three panelists that video content would gain greater prominence in 2022. Whether it’s Livestreaming, the use of micro & nano influencers, or storytelling, brands would have to increasingly leverage video content to get their message across to their target customers.

We’ll be back tomorrow with insights from the final three speakers at ClickInsights’ Digital Outlook 2022. Stay tuned till then.

To watch the full webinar, click here.

Also, you can download our Digital Marketing Trends & Predictions 2022 report by clicking here.


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