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Making YouTube Video Tags Using ChatGPT Prompts

As you strive to optimize your YouTube channel and videos, proper tagging is essential. This article demonstrates how to generate custom video tags using ChatGPT prompts, enhancing YouTube channel optimization and improving performance by saving time and energy.

The Power of YouTube Video Tags

Since they define the video content and help decide if it fits the viewer's search query, YouTube video tags are essential for content optimization.

Optimize Your Tags

Choose appropriate tags for the video while taking viewers' search phrases and synonyms into account. Don't overuse tags; else, YouTube can punish you for tag spamming.

Choose a Mix of Popular and Long-Tail Keywords

You want a combination of popular search terms that get high volumes of traffic, as well as longer, more specific long-tail keywords. The popular terms will increase the chances of discovery, while the long-tail terms will target viewers with a strong interest in your niche content. Do some research to find the best keyword and tag options for your videos.

However, some tags do better than others. For example, one-third of internet users watch a tutorial or how-to video almost every week.

Place Important Tags First

YouTube gives more weight to the first tags you enter. So, list your most important and relevant tags first. These should be the keywords and phrases that are central to your video topic or theme. The tags at the beginning of your list will have the biggest impact on search ranking and discovery.

Check Tag Performance and Optimize

Review how your tags are performing by checking impressions and click-through rates. See which tags are generating the most traffic and make adjustments to improve performance. You may want to remove or replace underperforming tags. Continue optimizing your tags to increase views and build your audience.

Step-by-Step Guide to Creating YouTube Tags With ChatGPT

Select Relevant Keywords

It is necessary to initially choose 5-10 keywords that are pertinent to your content in order to optimize your YouTube video for search. These have to be keywords or brief phrases that people are probably going to look up. Keywords that are roughly 10-15 words long get 1.76x more clicks than single-word terms.

Generate Tag Options with ChatGPT

Once you have selected your keywords, prompt ChatGPT to provide suggested YouTube tags based on those keywords. For example, you could say:

"Here are 5-10 keyword phrases related to using ChatGPT for YouTube tags: chatbot, ai assistant, youtube seo, video optimization, gpt-3"

ChatGPT may respond with options like:

Choose the Best Tags

From the options ChatGPT provides, choose 5-15 tags that are most relevant and engaging for your target audience. Aim for a mix of broader tags, like #ai, as well as more specific ones, like #chatgpt. Check that your tags do not repeat words from your video title and are not overused. Overly broad tags like #technology will not help viewers discover your content.

Add Tags to Your Video

Open the video you wish to tag in YouTube Studio. Add the tags of your choice by scrolling down to the Tags box and using commas to separate them. To save the modifications, click Save.

Check Your Ranking and Make Changes

Check how your video ranks in the YouTube search for your tags within a few days of optimizing. If it is not appearing on the first page of results for relevant searches, you may need to make changes to improve your ranking, such as:

  • Choosing less competitive tags.

  • Adding more specific tags.

  • Building links to your video from other platforms to increase its authority.

ChatGPT Prompt Examples for YouTube Video Tags

  • Generate 10 specific tags for a beginner-friendly YouTube tutorial on "[INSERT TOPIC]" focusing on [INSERT ASPECTS/KEYPOINTS].

  • Create tags for a product review video on YouTube featuring the latest [INSERT PRODUCT] in [INSERT INDUSTRY]. Ensure tags cover key features and benefits.

  • Provide tags for a YouTube video discussing the impact of [INSERT TREND/NEWS] on [INSERT INDUSTRY/NICHE].

  • Suggest tags for a YouTube video series titled "Exploring [INSERT TOPIC]" targeting enthusiasts interested in [INSERT NICHE].

  • Generate tags for a YouTube video offering tips and tricks for [INSERT SKILL/TOPIC], catering to both beginners and advanced learners.

Final Thoughts

Utilizing ChatGPT to generate high-quality YouTube video tags can significantly enhance content ranking and discovery. By refining prompts, AI-generated tags can reach wider audiences, and boost viewership, and subscriber growth. While human creativity and strategy are crucial, ChatGPT can enhance tag creation for a better viewer experience.


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