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[Marketing Guru Video Series] Google Analytics: Bounces

Updated: Aug 31, 2020

What is a bounce? What can you do to minimise bounce rates?

Jeff Rajeck, Senior Trainer at ClickAcademy Asia, helps you make sense of bounces and how to minimise them on Google Analytics.


What is a bounce? A bounce is a session or a visit with only one pageview. It means someone came to your website, viewed one page and did nothing else!

Businesses often pay for traffic to their website, so if the visitor only views one page - or bounces - that money is considered wasted.

So what can you do about bounces?

First, you should measure them. Using Google Analytics channels report you can see the percentage of how many people who came from each channel bounced

Next, have a look at how they got to your site. Was it an ad? An email? A Google search? Then think whether you are delivering on your promises. For example, if you say in your ad that people can see a wonderful new product but the click takes them to your boring old home page, the likelihood of a bounce is very high.

Finally, you can look at the destination page. Do you offer a lot of things to click on the page or is there very little to do? If it is the latter, then change your page, make it engaging by adding a video or suggested products and content to get that bounce rate down.

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