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[Marketing Guru Video Series] Google Analytics: Introducing Courses on Analytics

Alright, folks, we heard you. We know you want to know the differences between the 4 Google Analytics (GA)-related 2-day training programmes that we offer in and from Singapore through ClickAcademy Asia:

  • Google Analytics Certification

  • Google Data Studio Certification

  • Google Analytics for Power Users Certification

  • Google Analytics for Ecommerce

So we got Jeff Rajeck, our Senior Trainer who conducts all our Marketing Analytics courses, to simplify and highlight the key differences between these 4 courses:

If you're a beginner, the first course that you should start with is Google Analytics Certification, which introduces you to the GA platform fundamentals, helps you get started on tracking web traffic and prepares you for the Google Analytics Individual Qualification (GAIQ) certification exam by Google.

As Google Analytics isn't the platform for creating charts and dashboards, the course you should consider next is Google Data Studio (GDS) Certification. GDS is purpose-built for creating beautiful charts and dashboards for your GA data.

Additionally, as GDS is a relatively new tool, we know that this skillset is currently rare in the market. Thus, having this certification on your resume could help set you apart from other job candidates!

Next, Jeff recommends Google Analytics for Power Users Certification. This course focuses on using Google Analytics to solve real-world, business problems and prepares you for two advanced Google qualifications.

Finally, we have Google Analytics for Ecommerce, which covers the Ecommerce module in GA in great detail. This is a must-attend course if you work in an Ecommerce business or are planning to start one.

And that's it!

If you're generally interested in mastering your Marketing Analytics skills, you should also consider these related courses:

If you complete certain combinations of our 2-day courses, you would get awarded with these certifications:

Need further consultation on choosing the right courses? Feel free to reach out to us at

See you soon!


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