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People, Process, And Technology: The Three Most Critical Factors For Digital Transformation

Our new blog series, #WhatMarketersDo, gives you a glimpse into the lives of marketers and provides you with useful tips on how to excel in the role. Thus, you get the latest trends and best practices firsthand from marketers in different industries.

This series has been conceived by marketers for marketers and its primary objective is to encourage sharing in the marketing community.

We like to thank the marketers who took the time to share valuable insights with us. If you’d like to contribute or know of any marketers who’d be kind enough to share their insights, please contact us at

Now, without any further ado, let’s move on to today’s post, where we have interviewed Vicky Chin, Head of Digital Marketing ASEAN at BSH Home Appliances.

1. Please share what is your current role at BSH & a summary of your career leading to this role.

As the Head of Digital Marketing for ASEAN at BSH Home Appliances, I oversee the Consumer Marketing and Digital Transition Management Teams. My key role at BSH is to strategize and develop the ASEAN marketing strategy that prioritizes commercial decisions and achieves business goals. Before joining BSH, I had worked with several corporations such as LG Electronics, Sony, and Creative technology where I focused on strategic marketing and brand management. My experiences span across home appliances, mobile applications, consumer electronics, telecommunications, and manufacturing industries.

2. What are the key trends in marketing that you see emerging in the next 6 months?

In my view, the rise of Key Opinion Consumers would be one of the biggest key trends in the future. These would be regular consumers who love to share their experiences with products and services, which lends greater authenticity to the brands. Though they do not have a big fan base, they can influence consumers in making a purchase decision. An example to show the rise of KOC would be Groupbuy hosts on emerging e-commerce platforms such as WeBuy and ShopperCliq.

3. Do you have any MarTech software recommendations that have helped you greatly in your role?

We use Adobe Analytics, Tableau, SEMrush, and Mouseflow. These tools helped us in 3 key areas- Performance Marketing, Customer Experience, and Data analytics.

4. What do you think are the top 3 factors that are critical for the success of Digital Transformation?

The top 3 factors that are critical for the success of Digital Transformation would be people, process, and technology.

  • People: You need people with a growth mindset to embrace the new way of living. This includes the buy-in from the top-level management to working employees with aligned digital transformation goals.

  • Process: The process is critical for setting up the right strategy and operation in driving digital transformation.

  • Technology: Technology plays a great role in reviewing and evaluating the core systems that support seamless customer experiences.

The importance of these three factors can be gauged from the inability of many brands around the world to capitalize on available marketing avenues to keep their audiences engaged during the pandemic. During the pandemic, many brands invested in digital technology and brought onboard chief digital officers or heads of digital transformation who started establishing points of presence and experience. They also developed centers of excellence built around digital transformation. But not many brands could translate these practices into tangible channels that were capable of delivering investment returns.

This led to a huge market shift not merely in digital transformation interest but also in commitment and perseverance. They have now finally started equipping the company with the tools that they need to succeed across the three core pillars i.e. people, process, and technology.

According to Adobe’s Future of Marketing research (published Oct 2021), brands need an organization-wide shift in mindset to successfully adopt these digital processes across the three pillars. They need to change their way of thinking when it comes to planning and procurement. Also, they must ensure the integration of technology into defined customer journeys, which means they must have a firm grasp on where each customer should be oriented during the different stages of their journey.

5. Which digital channel do you spend most time &/or budget on and why?

We spend the most time and budget on Facebook and Google to drive brand awareness for our products. Facebook and Google offer an extensive suite of advertising tools that help us to achieve our business goals.

Thank you Vicky for taking time out of your busy schedule to share these wonderful insights with our audience. I am sure these will come in handy for many budding marketers.

Wrapping Up

Keep a lookout for our next blog as we continue to share what marketers do. We aim to cover marketers from different countries to get global coverage on what marketers do. Feel free to reach out to us if you have any marketing inputs to share with our audience or if you know someone who’d enjoy doing that.

We’ll soon be back with insights from another marketer. Till then, stay tuned!

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