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Top YouTube Ads People Watched in APAC, August 2020

Updated: Oct 23, 2020

While this year has presented marketers with a greater challenge to cut through noise, it’s also created a timely opportunity to reflect on how to show up for customers in more meaningful ways.

In this month’s leaderboard, provided by Google, we see Clinico Taiwan tugging on heartstrings with a short film on how retirees still contribute significantly to society, and Kotex Malaysia celebrating 100 years of being alongside women’s progress in the country.

When marketers understand deeply and holistically, how a product or service operates in people’s lives, they open up new ways to communicate, connect, and serve people.

AAMI 'Claim Your Way 30' TVC

AAMIInsurance AUNZ

麥當勞® 開心樂園餐™ - Minions 2

McDonalds Hong Kong

Isuzu Traga Produk Kualitas Ekspor! #bangkitbersamaisuzu

Isuzu Indonesia

Shot on iPhone by Damien Chazelle — Vertical Cinema

Apple India

202008 携帯キャリアに新しい選択肢篇【No 3】

Rakuten Mobile Japan

[가디언 테일즈] 띵작 어드벤처 RPG! 그랜드 오픈!

Kakao Games Korea

Kotex: 100 Years of Championing Women’s Progress

Kotex Malaysia

[AirDresser] Enjoy Your Passions Better with Samsung AirDresser | Samsung

Samsung Philippines

Colgate Presents – Tooth Defenders | Official Animated Video (Full)

Colgate Pakistan

Semoga Bahagia - May you achieve happiness



Toyota Motor Thailand

2020父親節必看微電影【老爸幫幫忙】看科林助聽器微電影抽tokuyo Mini完美椅PLUS按摩椅*\(^_^)/* ►用心聽見►讓愛幫忙

Clinico Taiwan

Chi Pu | SỐC NHIỆT HAY SỐC CHI? - Official M/V - Summer HIT!

Trà TEA+ Plus Vietnam


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