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YouTube’s Most Watched CTV Ads of 2022

YouTube has come up with a list of the most watched CTV ads from 2022. With the impact of COVID-19 slowly ebbing away, people’s preferences with respect to videos have shifted to the ones that showcase social responsibilities and everyday stories from around us. This is in sharp contrast to the fun and entertainment-related stuff that users mostly indulged in until last year to possibly find an escape from the raging effects of the pandemic.

YouTube’s 2022 CTV Ads Leaderboard mostly consists of videos that highlight brands’ efforts to bring forth inspiring stories from St. Jude Children's Research Hospital for children suffering from cancer to HP’s endeavors to keep plastic away from the ocean by using ocean-bound plastic in its products.

The ranking is determined using some of YouTube's strongest signals of viewer choice, including factors like watch time, views, and mix of paid/organic views. Based on these parameters, here are some of the top videos that we have got for you from the YouTube CTV Leaderboard.

1. ALSAC/St. Jude Children's Research Hospital

Creative agency: RBDavies

Media agency: In House

2. HP

Creative agency: Wieden+Kennedy

Media agency: Ziji (In-House Agency)

3. Apple

4. Netflix

5. Clif Bar

6. Febreze

Media agency: Quigley-Simpson

7. Disney Plus

Creative agency: Ignition

Media agency: Publicis Imagine


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