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3 Consumer Goods Brands that Made Good Using Snapchat Ads

In the current era, there is almost nothing better than online marketing.

Out of the different means of online marketing, social media marketing could be the most essential to add to your strategy, especially if your business sells consumer goods and needs to reach the masses quickly. With the abundant presence of platforms like Snapchat, Facebook and Instagram, it has become extremely easy for businesses like yours to reach customers.

Here are some of the best Snapchat case studies of consumer goods brands.

1) Ralph Lauren

Run Time:

21 November - 31 December 31 2019

Target Region and Audience:



The concept of gamification in the AR lens and Snap ads proved to be a turning point for Ralph Lauren. The brand witnessed a 19% lift in sales on its website along with +7.3 points boost in ad awareness.


The key objective of the fashion brand was to boost sales on their website via Snapchat AR Lens and Snap Ads.

Approach and Buyer’s Journey:

With the key motive of boosting sales, Ralph Lauren played its best card for marketing. The brand completely gamified the Snap ads and AR Lens to provide an immersive experience to the customers.

The brand featured its products in an endless running game that could be launched from the Snapchat camera. This allowed the viewers to play the game both on Snap ads and AR Lens. Other than the endless running game with a Polo Bear running, the brand also created a side-scrolling game. The key objective was to keep the users engaged with the game and redirect them to the company website to make a purchase.

These gamified ads were targeted to the people of France along with collection ads to nudge the users for shopping. The AR lens and Snap ads game could be played with respect to various cities of the world.


The ingenious approach formulated by the brand harnessed classic results for them in the end. The fashion brand witnessed:

  • Twenty-four seconds average lens playtime.

  • 19% lift in sales on the website.

  • Lift in ad awareness by +7.3 points.

Products Used:

AR Lens, Snap Ads

2) Coca Cola

Run Time:


Target Region and Audience:



The approach undertaken by Coca-Cola was based on gamification, and this yielded awesome results for the brand in the end. Coca-Cola witnessed brand favorability along with a +12 point lift in message awareness.


With the use of Snapchat’s AR Lens, the soft drink brand wanted to drive brand awareness and spread the message of recycling the empty coke bottles and cans to the audience.

Approach and Buyer’s Journey:

When it comes to gamification, every brand does something unique to attract customers. And Coca Cola used the USP of recycling for its ad campaign. For this, the soft drink brand roped in Reprise Digital and Universal Media to design the Snap ads and Lens.

The Snap Ads and Snapchat Lens filled the user’s phone screen with empty bottles and cans. The users were supposed to clean the screen by putting the cans and bottles into the recycle bin. When the users were done, they were rewarded with a classy summer look in the AR lens. It also displayed a tagline that said: “Let's Not Waste This Summer.”

The interaction of people with the AR lens delivered an average playtime of 29 seconds.

The Result:

This unique way of encouraging people to recycle Coca Cola cans and bottles led to great results for the brand in the end. Coca Cola saw:

  • +13 point lift in ad awareness

  • +12 point boost in message awareness

  • +11 point uplift in brand favourability

Products Used:

Ad Lens, Snap Ads

3) Coffee Mate

Run Time:

6 - 31 December 2019

Target Region and Audience:

Saudi Arabia


Nestle Coffee Mate creamer has been in the market for a long time now. And, the ad campaign launched to market its new creamer products ended successfully for Nestle. The brand saw a +9.8pp lift in brand awareness via its ad campaign.


The pillar aim of the campaign was to boost awareness about their newly launching creamer products among the audience.

Approach and Buyer’s Journey:

The brand followed a systematic approach for promoting its new range of products. With the help of Snapchat filters, the app allowed the users to frame their morning, afternoon, and evening pictures in an engaging way.

Besides the Snapchat filters related to coffee, the users were also allowed to add messages to their pictures.

If we talk about targeting, Coffee Mate targeted users through reach and frequency using highly interactive videos. The formulated approach to let the user decorate their pictures with filters led to brilliant outcomes in the end.

Coffee Mate launched a total of 4 flavours using Snap Ads.


The power of Snapchat filters was clearly visible in the results of the brand. Coffee Mate saw:

  • +9.8pp increase in brand awareness among the users.

  • +8.5pp uplift in brand favorability.

  • The morning filter single-handedly delivered a 3% share rate.

  • The combined reach of all the filters was over 4.2 million.


Snap Ads, Snapchat Filters

Wish to create your own Ad Campaign?

Well, if you are up for building your own ad campaign, then congratulations, you are about to skyrocket your profit numbers! But it is not an easy job to do. There are many crucial aspects related to advertising campaigns that you need to keep in mind like:

  • Audience network

  • Marketing tools

  • Competitor analysis

  • Target region

  • ...and others

The above examples are the best ones, but it does not mean that their strategies will automatically work for you also. You need to plan your marketing approach yourself while considering all the factors mentioned above as these aspects can vary from business to business. Do leverage all the tools of Snapchat like Snap ads and AR Lens.


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