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3 Fashion Brands That Upped Their Marketing Game with Pinterest

The global apparel industry is expected to grow from $1.5 trillion in 2020 to $2.25 trillion in 2025. This clearly indicates that the demand for clothing, footwear, handbags, and other fashion accessories is on the rise. These figures are particularly encouraging because the fashion industry registered a decline of 20% in its 2019-20 revenues.

Although things look much better for the fashion industry now, the competition between different fashion brands is massive. Therefore, it’s imperative that fashion brands come up with solid marketing campaigns that can help them boost their online presence. To that end, they would do well to leverage the potential of different marketing platforms available to them, just like these three fashion brands used Pinterest to drive their brand awareness and revenue.

1. Nena & Co.

Nena & Co. employs more than 80 master weavers and seamstresses in Guatemala. Their handcrafted handbags adorning vibrant Mayan patterns are now a major attraction everywhere, from Soho to West Hollywood.

Their Objective

Nena & Co. sought to introduce their artisans to new audiences and celebrate the importance that they gave to representation.

Approach & Solution

Nena & Co. teamed up with Pinterest to leverage its shopping offering that lets businesses scale their advertising by helping them turn their product feed into engaging Pins. They used carousel and standard ads to share their heritage story and their focus on sustainability. They later retargeted people who had already engaged with Nena & Co.

Their Pins featured the images and handiwork of women artisans. This struck a chord with anyone who saw their ads as they immediately thought of someone from their own lives such as an aunt or a grandmother. Since Pins live forever, they continued raking in impressions and clicks even after the campaign ended.

The Result

Nena & Co.’s Pinterest campaign helped them reach new customers successfully and drove website visits much more effectively. Their advertising cost on Pinterest was 34% less than what it was on other platforms. Also, their return on ad spend (ROAS) increased by 8x.


Premium watchmaker MVMT used Pinterest insights to scale up quickly and cost-efficiently.

Their Objective

MVMT had to broaden its advertising before it expanded its product line. For this, they had to look at their past campaign data to get useful insights into how to develop a successful strategy.

Approach & Solution

By glancing at their past performance, MVMT identified which of their new products were most likely to succeed in the future. They created a catalog of watches, jewelry, and sunglasses for men and women and uploaded it into their product feed.

Their ad creative consisted of images of people sporting their MVMT on the go as this style of ads had performed better than product-only shots historically. Also, their shopping ads placed their accessories in front of the right people at the right time i.e. when they are actively looking for new brands or products.

The Result

The Pinterest campaign provided MVMT with deep customer insights, which when combined with shopping ads and conversion campaigns brought down MVMT’s cost per acquisition by 4x compared to their internal benchmark.

3. Scotch & Soda

Scotch & Soda wanted to kickstart a performance campaign on Pinterest to see if their shopping ads could drive revenue.

Their Objective

Scotch & Soda sought to launch a Pinterest performance campaign to check how shopping ads drove revenue and whether they had the biggest impact on the upper or lower funnel.

Approach & Solution

Shopping ads were the primary component of Scotch & Soda’s Pinterest campaign as they helped them boost their sales. Along with that, shopping ads helped Scotch & Soda’s Pins appear on related searches, which drove conversions significantly.

They worked with, their creative and media automation partner, who helped them maximize their campaign potential by combining image templates and shopping ads. By coupling their Pins with branded elements, they made their Pins stand out on the platform and proved to be much more impactful than simply uploading product images from the original shopping catalog.

Scotch & Soda also used interest targeting and actalike audiences to connect with fashion-conscious Pinners.

The Result

Scotch & Soda’s Pinterest campaign was a massive success as it delivered a 7x higher ROAS than their previous campaigns. Also, they reached 800K unique users while generating 550 add-to-carts. Also, they slashed their CPAs by 40% than what they had aimed for.

Bottom Line

Time and again Pinterest has proved its worth as an effective full-funnel solution that can help brands boost their conversions at a low cost per acquisition. You can leverage Pinterest’s visual nature to your advantage by using the highest quality product images. Also, you can leverage Pinterest Ads Partners to see how you can automate the bulk creation of relevant and contextual Pins at scale. Moreover, try putting your product or service front or center and refrain from using images that don’t showcase your brand. There’s a lot Pinterest has in store for every business; they just need to find out how to capitalize on Pinterest’s potential.

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