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3 Successful Instagram Ad Campaigns of the Education Industry to Inspire You

While all the industries have experienced a hard hit due to the COVID 19 pandemic, the online education industry has seen a great upsurge in its business. The online education platforms around the world have experienced a huge boost in the number of enrolments.

So, this is the perfect time for the online education sector to invest in their marketing campaigns and push their revenue number towards new heights. The ad spend of the education industry in 2019 was over $1950 million, and it is expected to grow by $150 million by the end of this year.

Further, creating cost-effective marketing strategies and tactics is the need of the hour, and you must learn from the given examples on how to create high performing ad campaigns for your education business.

Instagram Ad Campaigns that Led to Profitable Results


Run Time

34 days

Target Region and Audience

South Korea, University Students & Office Workers


Within a short time of just over a month, Uphone was able to produce remarkable results with its Instagram ad campaign. The company measured a 20X increase in click-through rate along with an overall 9.4% lower costs per mille.


The core objective of the English language learning platform was to run a campaign that could boost the number of potential learners.


Uphone was already an established platform in the region at the time of running this campaign. So, to further broaden its customer base in a cost-effective way, they converted the existing TV commercial ads to shorter video ads that can run seamlessly on the phone.

For this, Uphone partnered with Facebook’s MobileWorks program and trimmed the TV ads fit for a vertical display. The advertisement focused on highlighting the benefits of learning the English language through Uphone. The concept was to have conversations with foreign teachers to become fluent in the English language.

These short video ads were delivered through Instagram Stories using automatic placements to university students and office workers that were keen to learn the language. This innovative approach was a milestone of success for the brand.

Buyer’s Journey Targeted

Though the idea of Uphone was pretty basic, they formulated a systematic plan to guide the users from the awareness stage to the conversion stage.

In the initial steps, they ran video ads in Instagram Stories for mobile-friendly viewing to spread awareness about its service. They focussed on making people learn the language in a simple and convenient way like while they were in commute.

To further nudge the users to take action, a CTA was installed at the end of the video ad that directed people to their website to find more relevant information.

Did they Succeed?

The simplistic yet efficient learning style Uphone offered to its users, helped them achieve extraordinary results such as:

  • 1.2X increase in the three-second view-through rate

  • 9.4 lowered cost per mille

  • 20X enhancement in click-throughs

Products Used

Instagram Stories, Facebook’s Mobile-First Principles, Automatic Placements

Swiss Education Group

Run Time

April 8 – 28, 2019

Target Region and Audience

17 - 30 Aged People in 19 Countries


Swiss Education Group leveraged the power of Instagram Stories that provided them with mind-blowing results. The twenty-day marketing campaign on Instagram helped them lower the cost per conversion by 51% as compared to their previous campaign.


Swiss Education Group, an esteemed hospitality management institute, launched a new Swiss Grand Diploma culinary program that they wanted to promote for a higher number of enrolments across nineteen countries.


For promoting their culinary diploma program, Swiss Education Group harnessed Instagram stories to attract interested people in culinary arts, sommelier training, and hospitality-related studies.

They roped in a digital agency, The Reference, that helped in producing four carousel ads using professional images and videos. The advertisements focused on showcasing the life of a student studying under the Swiss Grand Diploma.

Apart from the ads for Instagram Stories, numerous other photo and video ads were developed to run in the Instagram feed of the premier institute. Besides, all the ads were tested and using campaign budget optimization, Instagram was authorized to automatically select and use the best version of the ads.

Buyer’s Journey Targeted

Swiss Education Group strategically developed the campaign in a way that enhanced their brand awareness and motivated the prospective students to learn more about the offered program.

They started by glorifying the life of the students studying under their program using the Insta Stories and feed. The professional imagery used in the ads was a perfect way to entice students to study in their educational institute.

The video ads ended with a CTA that redirected the users to a sign-up page so that they can learn more about the offered course and download the program brochure.

Did they Succeed?

The results of the campaign spoke for itself. The twenty-day campaign successfully got an impeccable response from the audiences. They saw:

  • 51% lower cost per conversion

  • 3.2X number of inquiries

  • 2.7X higher click-through rate for the advertisements

Products Used

Instagram Stories and Feed, Campaign Budget Optimization, Automatic Placements


Run Time


Target Region and Audience

Korea, Students


The Instagram campaign started by Yanadoo drove exceptional results with a 35% increase in click-to-purchase rate and a 20% decrease in cost per purchase.


The ultimate aim of Yanadoo (a language learning company) was to create a cost-effective strategy that could boost their online sales.


Yanadoo did their homework pretty well by researching the demand of the market before launching the ad campaign. They figured out that people are looking for a way to enhance their skills by spending as little time as possible.

To execute the plan, they came up with the message ‘Only 10 minutes a day’. To spread this message all across the nation, they leveraged the support of influencers who were followed by millions of users.

Yanadoo teamed up with four popular influencers and featured them in carousel ads, link ads, and branded content ads. The ads showed the influencers studying English on Yanadoo’s online platform and writing the perks of courses available on the platform.

Using campaign budget optimization and automatic placements, the advertisements ran on the social media pages of the influencers, including Facebook, Instagram, and Audience Network, to lure in the maximum number of people.

Buyer’s Journey Targeted

Yanadoo very smartly came up with the strategy that not only helped increase their brand awareness but also attracted people to their 10 minute English learning program.

Seeing the rising popularity of the influencers within the people, they roped them in to promote their English learning courses by projecting them as learners on the Yanadoo online platform.

Moreover, to broaden the reach of the customers, they included a simple ‘Apply Now’ link with every ad they played on Instagram and other networks.

Did they Succeed?

The final numbers and the statistics were good enough to judge the success of this ad campaign. Here are some statistics worth noticing:

  • 20% decrease in cost per purchase

  • 35% increase in the click-to-purchase rate

  • 24% decrease in cost per level test completion

  • 1.55% increase in click-through rate

Products Used

Branded Content Ads, Carousel Ads, Link Ads, Instagram, Facebook, Audience Network, Automatic Placements, Campaign Budget Optimization

Wish to Create a High Yielding Ad Campaign for Brand?

Targeting the audience and converting them into leads isn’t as easier as it sounds. It takes the right kind of research and strategies to spread awareness about your product and making people see its worth for getting the conversions.

However, this pandemic is already working as an accelerator for the online education sector. So pound on this tremendous opportunity and use it to drive excellent results for your brand.


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