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4 Influencer Marketing Trends and Predictions to Watch in 2022

Updated: Apr 5, 2023

Influencer marketing is growing in popularity. Businesses realize it can be used as a genuine tool for digital marketing, plus they're seeing the returns that influencers can deliver in increased follower numbers and conversions. With more brands investing in influencer campaigns than ever before, you might be surprised to learn there's no set guide on what to expect in 2022.

Here are four key insights and predictions for Influencer Marketing for the current year.

Influencers Will Become Critical to Many Affiliate Programs

From Amazon's Associate's Program to eBay Partner Network, affiliate marketing has been popular for earning passive income for several years now. It's also very accessible; anyone with an audience can be part of an affiliate program, which makes it appealing for less experienced marketers. As influencer marketing grows in popularity, we will see many brands turn to influential people as possible affiliates.

Promoting affiliate marketing products is an incredibly popular way for influencers to monetize their online following. It's also a way for brands to make sure influencers promote their products in the most genuine way possible.

The Rise of Nano & Micro-Influencers

Almost half (47.3%) of influencers are micro-influencers - and the numbers are likely to rise. The focus of marketers is shifting from influencers with millions of followers to niche experts in their field. Brands want to work with influencers that can promote their products authentically while also offering value to their audience.

Nano & micro-influencers are more likely to have a much smaller following than traditional 'mega' influencers. Still, they are major players when it comes to engagement rates, as reported by HypeAuditor. They know how to build trust within their audience by sharing valuable content online, making them the perfect social media partners for brands. In 2022, we expect to see further growth of micro-influencers as brands shift their focus away from influencers with larger followings.

Increased Value of Video Content in Influencer Marketing

About 98% of marketers believe that video content will play an important role in marketing over the coming years, and the same is true for influencer marketing. Brands are increasing their focus on video content, and demand for influencers with strong video skills is at an all-time high. According to a recent study, 54% of consumers want to see more video content from a company or organization they interact with. This figure will only increase as video becomes even more popular next year.

We have also seen the value of video content grow exponentially across all industries in recent years. Platforms like Instagram are now even encouraging users to upload videos instead of images, which only strengthens the need for influencers to create high-quality video content.

A Shift Towards Ongoing Partnerships

Influencer marketing efforts should not be considered a one-time deal. They are a useful long-term strategy in any marketer's arsenal, with nearly three-quarters of marketers believing they are beneficial to business, as per the data by Mediakix.

Brands are looking to evolve their influencer marketing strategies continuously. They want to focus less on one-off campaigns and more on building long-lasting relationships with influential partners. This means brands will invest in specific influencers to better their social media presence, rather than working with different people each time they launch a new product or campaign.

Influencer agencies are already doing this by offering ongoing packages for businesses that regularly work with them, but we expect many brands to do the same this coming year.


In a world where consumers are becoming more and more demanding, influencer marketing has become a very attractive option for brands. However, it's important to remember that 'influencers' can vary greatly in terms of quality, authenticity, and value.

With this in mind, we expect the coming year to be a big one for influencer marketing. Many marketers will invest heavily into influencer campaigns throughout 2022 to discover new ways to build valuable online relationships with their audience.


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