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5 Amazing Merdeka & Malaysia Day Commercials That Will Resonate With Every Patriot

A few weeks ago, we covered some of the best Singaporean and Indian commercials to mark their respective independence days. And guess what, it’s Malaysia’s turn now! While Malaysian Independence Day or Merdeka is celebrated every year on 31st August to mark the country’s independence from the British empire in 1957, Malaysia Day is observed on 16th September each year to commemorate the establishment of the Malaysian Federation in 1963. And brands have been pushing fantastic commercials for as long as one can remember to make the most of these occasions.

So, if you’re a budding marketer, these 5 amazing adverts will give you an idea about how to leverage the nationalistic fervor associated with Independence Days.

1. Petronas: A Walk Through Time (2014)

Global energy company Petronas came up with an impressive National Day advert in 2014 that showcases the story of a friendship between two boys.

The advert focuses on the boys as they journey through some of Malaysia’s biggest historical milestones spanning over the years. The purpose of the advert? Well, it was probably meant to instill a sense of pride and patriotism in Malaysians as they remember everything that they have achieved since gaining independence. The approximately three-and-a-half-minute spot ends on a beautiful note- reflect on yesterday, live for today, and hope for tomorrow.

2. Time Internet: Keeping Malaysians Connected (2020)

Malaysia’s broadband provider Time Internet released a beautiful commercial to celebrate Malaysia Day in 2020.

The 100-second spot showcases the various connections that the broadband provider has helped Malaysians form over the years. The ad shows people from different walks of life engaging with each other in an elevator, and reflects upon their inter-connected lives. The message of the ad is sweet and simple- the vastly distinguished clientele that Time Internet serves is what forms the crux of Malaysian society. Cheers to that!

3. Standard Chartered Malaysia: Unity in Diversity (2022)

If Time Internet portrayed Malaysia’s rich diversity by showcasing its diverse clientele in the previous ad, Standard Chartered Malaysia did it by giving viewers a rundown of the different historical characters from Malaysia’s independence struggle.

The advert shows a female teacher trying to learn different languages spoken in Malaysia other than Malay i.e., Tamil and Mandarin. The reason why she is putting in all these efforts is to teach her students about important Malaysian personalities like Yap Ah Loy, Janaky Athi Nahappan, and Mat Kilau, who played an important role in the development of Malaysia and its independence struggle against the British. The purpose of the ad is to show that despite being different from each other, all these people worked toward the betterment of Malaysia. Only after we embrace each other’s distinct identity can we come together to work toward a shared goal.

4. Petronas: Akrab (2015)

Petronas has been at the forefront when it comes to dishing out awesome Merdeka ad campaigns and the year 2015 was no different.

The lengthy 5-minute commercial showcases the bond that Malaysians share and emphasizes the feeling of togetherness that can be replaced by nothing. The advert traces the story of three childhood friends who reunite over a video call after years of not being in contact. Together, the three friends reminisce about the good old days and recall what it was like being in each other’s company, what it felt like being together!

5. Taylor’s University: Unity Starts With Education (2020)

And here’s my favorite one from the list. This impressive 3-minute commercial highlights the importance of education in the development and unification of a nation.

The ad showcases two parties getting into a brawl after a road accident. But instead of focusing on a cyclist who gets seriously injured in the accident, the two parties keep fighting it out on whose fault it is. Just then a group of students comes forward to help the poor cyclist, which highlights that there is no right or wrong at times. Instead, it’s all about letting go of judgment and looking beyond ourselves. That’s what is needed to unite people and together move forward toward a better tomorrow.

Wrapping Up

And that was a wrap of some of the best Merdeka and Malaysia Day commercials. Independence Day for any country is one of the best times for brands to unleash their marketing prowess and the Malaysian advertisement industry is no exception. All that one needs to do is catch the audience’s pulse to ensure that they turn into lifelong loyalists.

We’ll be back tomorrow with some of the best Merdeka and Malaysia Day commercials from 2023. Till then, stay tuned!


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