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5 Annoying Commercials That Will Make You Bleed From Your Ears & Eyes

TV commercials are like those inconveniences in our lives that we have gotten used to over the years. And honestly, we even like some of them. I have a few favorites that make me smile instantly. Sometimes I go as far as smiling for the first 3 million times that I see them. However, once you start nearing the 3.5 million mark, even the best commercials can push you to turn off your TV.

Then there are some annoying ads that make you scream right after you’ve seen them for the first time. They are so annoying at times that you go “Oh not that commercial again” as soon as you see them airing on TV.

So, here we are with 5 such stupid and annoying commercials that will help you plan your next ad better so that you can avoid becoming part of this list if we ever plan to revisit the most annoying commercials in the future.

1. CareerBuilder

This commercial was meant to be funny but there’s so much wrong with it that it’s far from funny. On the contrary, it’s fu***ng annoying.

The commercial is extremely repetitive and after watching it for 15 seconds, you realize that you don’t need a better job. CareerBuilder needs a better advertising agency, instead. And guess what, CareerBuilder probably spent $7 million to get this monstrosity of a commercial on air. CareerBuilder owners could have switched their careers with that money and they’d have never had to come up with this terrible ad.

2. PedEgg

Honestly, I can’t even figure out whether it’s the commercial or the product shown in it that I dislike more. I probably disliked the two equally!

The commercial is boring from the word go. The makers of this commercial didn’t deem fit to use a catchy jingle to spice it up, not that you can do much to spice up a commercial about dead skin removal anyway. The most revulsive part of the ad was where the attractive woman pours her dead skin onto a green towel to show you exactly how disgusting her feet were.

3. EasyOff Bam

Just because you have a mediocre-like ability to create a dubbing effect and can lower and raise the pitch of your already annoying voice-over actor, doesn’t mean that you should let everyone know about it, especially through a TV commercial.

If the poor dubbing doesn’t get to you, the dirty shower in the commercial surely will. Although I am no freak for cleanliness, I’d feel super disgusted if my shower looked even remotely similar to the one used in the video. And guess what, the woman cleaning the shower looks happy as if she just got engaged.

4. SnuggieDog

The way the dogs look in this ad alone made me take a dislike for this commercial. They look like they have lost their will to live. The way the dogs look in this commercial should alarm folks at PETA

The commercial attempts to solve the age-old problem of dogs getting cold in the snow. Unfortunately for them, evolution had solved that problem for dogs when they first grew fur. So, sorry SnuggieDog, evolution has beaten you by many millennials.

5. Cheers To You

This commercial from Cheers to You is the graveyard of good acting. And that’s just as nice as I can be about it!

There are two major reasons for disliking this video. Firstly, it gives people false hopes. Who can possibly think that a CD saying, “You’re great! The finish line is closer than you think!” with the sounds of a crowd cheering could be the answer to one’s problems in their lives.

Secondly, the acting in this commercial (if you can call it that) is horrible. You can see that the actor just wants to get it over with and go back to doing what he is good at, which could be everything except acting.

Honestly, I’d want to kill myself if I were to be made to watch this video.

Bottom Line

Well, fellas, you have it- the 5 most annoying commercials. Go through each of these videos (regardless of how painful that exercise might be) to know what you shouldn’t do while filming your commercial.

That’s all for today. We’ll be back with more amazing videos for you. Till then, stay tuned!

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