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5 Awesome Valentine’s Day Ads That You Will Fall In Love With

Valentine’s Day is just a day to go and brands have started dishing out their Valentine’s Day campaigns. Valentine’s Day is one of the most celebrated occasions around the world and therefore, it’s hardly a surprise that brands, regardless of the industries they’re operating in, want to jump on the ad bandwagon.

So, in case you’re wondering what it takes to come up with an award-winning Valentine’s Day commercial, here are some amazing Valentine’s Day ads that will serve as the perfect inspiration.

1. AdoreMe: What Do Women Really Want for Valentine’s Day

Most Valentine’s Day ads tend to show that women wait an entire year to get the same cliche gifts on Valentine’s Day- flowers, chocolates, stuffed animals, etc.

But if this brutally honest commercial from AdoreMe is to be believed, women want a lot more, for example, drinking straight out of a champagne bottle, several bottles of good wine, a good attorney, divorce, and maybe bang a few times!

The ad takes an ‘unintentional’ dig at how brands usually project women and their desires and expectations from the day. Well, thanks to this amazing AdoreMe ad, now you know what to gift your significant other to make her truly happy.

2. Ad Council: Love Has No Labels

The title of this video says it all. And just in case you had doubts about what it was truly trying to convey, the 200-second spot makes it amply clear via its short, sweet, and simple storyline.

The ad showcases people finding love in different sections of society. So, while we see people from different races and religions coming together to embrace one another, we see a black gay couple raising a child together. The idea of the video was to encourage an open dialogue about the deep-rooted biases that are prevalent within society and modify our perception of the world while celebrating love.

3. McDonald’s: Pay with Lovin’

While brands often highlight romantic relationships for their Valentine’s Day campaigns, McDonald’s instead decided to focus on a campaign that reflected its relationship with its customers.

The ad showcased McDonald’s staff members randomly selecting consumers to exchange a “random act of loving” for their orders instead of paying for them. The #paywithlovin campaign was a massive success as customers shared their experiences on social media.

What stood out for the campaign was there was nothing couple-oriented about its promotion although it was scheduled for Valentine’s Day. This way the fast-food brand played up the “love theme” without even excluding those who didn’t necessarily have a Valentine.

4. Kmart’s: Valentine’s Day Dinner

Who says Valentine’s Day is only meant for the romantics? Well, at least this brand from Kmart’s shows otherwise.

The ad showcases a young teenage boy getting ready on Valentine’s Day as he prepares dinner and sets out presents. Just when the audience expects to see his date, a girl his age, they’re surprised by Kmart’s incredible plot twist, which makes us all wonder if the scope of Valentine’s Day is only limited to the conventional form of love or if it goes way beyond that.

5. Vodafone: The Kiss

No list of “best Valentine’s Day ads” is ever complete without this romantic 2013 Vodafone commercial.

The ad showcases a couple united in a kiss and the transformations that it goes through as they age together. With its powerful tagline, the ad didn’t even need additional words to deliver the message. The ad invokes shows how love transcends time and invokes a range of emotions, all at the same time.

Wrapping Up

And that was a wrap of some of the best Valentine’s Day commercials. Valentine’s Day is one of the best times for brands to set themselves apart from their competition with heartwarming Valentine’s Day ad campaigns. The revenue that it helps them generate also serves as a major motivation. After all, the 2023 Valentine’s Day spending is expected to hit almost $26 billion in the US alone.

So, in case you were wondering what you could do to make your 2023 Valentine’s Day ad campaign a success, here are 5 great inspirations for you to learn from.

We’ll be back with more awesome Valentine’s Day ad campaigns from 2023. Till then, stay tuned!


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