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5 Best 2023 Super Bowl Ads That Will Renew Your Interest in the NFL

The Super Bowl is one of the most-watched television events of the year, with millions of viewers tuning in to see their favorite teams battle it out for the championship. But it's not just the football game that people are excited about; it's also the commercials. Companies spend millions of dollars to create ads that will stand out during the Super Bowl and capture the attention of viewers every year.

2023 was no exception and saw brands come up with some of the best ads from the history of the Super Bowl. So, here are the 5 best Super Bowl ads from 2023 that stood out from the rest.

1. Amazon: Saving Sawyer

You know the ad is going to be an instant hit as soon as you spot a dog in it; I mean their cuteness quotient alone makes ads much more appealing than they are.

But Amazon’s 2023 Super Bowl didn’t merely rely on the cuteness factor but instead went directly for an emotional appeal. The ad showcases a dog whose family is too oblivious to his need for a friend, a companion. Months and seasons pass with the dog getting lonesome by the day only to wake up to a beautiful (quite literally) surprise, finally.

Watch the ad for some awww-some moments.

2. PopCorners: Breaking Into Something Good

It’s almost been a decade since we bid goodbye to Walter White and Jesse in the final Breaking Bad episode. Yeah, we saw the duo return in the final season of Better Call Saul (which also wrapped up last year🥲), but nothing compares to the magic they weaved together in Breaking Bad. Thankfully, we have something to cheer about as PopCorners got them back for its 2023 Super Bowl commercial.

Also, the iconic RV that we saw them use to cook up their special recipe is back. The most unexpected treat though was watching Raymond Cruz playing Tuco Salamanca once again. He’s as ‘tight’ as they come.

3. T-Mobile: New Year, New Neighbor

Although not as legendary as the Breaking Bad reunion, Scrubs co-stars Zach Braff and Donald Faison surely got people excited when they joined hands with John Travolta for this T-Mobile ad to extol the virtues of the internet provider.

While the concept was pretty simple, the trio touting the benefits of T-Mobile to the tune of Grease’s Summer Nights, was delightfully nostalgic.

4. Dunkin’: Dunkin’ Drive Through

Imagine ordering donuts at a drive-thru and getting to the window only to realize that it’s none other than Ben Affleck whom you just spoke to.

For its first-ever Super Bowl commercial, Dunkin’ brought onboard its No.1 fan. The ad shows the reactions of the unsuspecting customers who are all amused. And it’s embarrassing when one of the customers has no clue about who he is. But the biggest embarrassment in store for Affleck is watching J-Lo pulling up to the window and asking him what he’s doing there. A clearly flustered Affleck also has to oblige to her demand of a “glazed”.

5. The Farmer’s Dog: Forever

Another dog commercial! And undoubtedly the favorite one this season for many viewers. If the Amazon commercial went for an emotional appeal, this commercial from the subscription dog food service went for the heartstrings straight away.

The ad shows a cute puppy coming into the life of a young girl and showcases her going through the important milestones of life with the puppy. The ad’s messaging is spot on and is instantly felt by everyone who’s ever had a pet.

Wrapping Up

And that was a wrap of the best Super Bowl 2023 ads. These five Super Bowl ads stood out for their creativity, emotional impact, and ability to convey a meaningful message to viewers. While the game itself is always exciting, these ads proved that the commercials can be just as memorable and impactful as the on-field action.

We’ll be back with more amazing videos for you. Till then, stay tuned!


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