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5 Best Christmas 2022 Ads That Will Get You in the Festive Mood

It’s a universally acknowledged truth that once November kicks in, we come to terms with how our love-hate relationship with commercials has evolved over time, in a big way. Not only do we not look to frantically press “skip ad” button every time they pop on our screens, but we also don’t quite use these ads as “toilet breaks” as we used to do back in the day!

Instead, we sit with anticipation and wait for the first glimpses of a range of Christmas commercials from the year. So, here we are with the best Christmas commercials from 2022 that beautifully encompassed the concepts of kindness and optimism.

1. John Lewis: The Beginner

Rather than resorting to the friendly alien that John Lewis did in its last year’s Christmas commercial, the brand has decided to stay closer to reality and bring us something more meaningful by raising awareness around children in foster and care homes.

The 90-second spot showcases a middle-aged man against the Christmas backdrop as he struggles to master the skill of skateboarding. As we see him fail, again and again, we begin to question the motive behind his relentless efforts and perseverance until the final scene when there’s a knock at his door. We then see a social worker standing at the door with a young girl who is anxiously waiting to get into her new foster home, with a skateboard in hand. That’s precisely when the man’s efforts start making sense and a sense of appreciation starts to form within you.

2. Shelter: Brave Face

This is so heartbreaking! But I couldn’t have gone without sharing my pain with you so here I am with this heartwarming Christmas ad that would help you see homelessness from a child’s perspective!

The commercial showcases a cute, young kid whom we see smiling irrespective of the situation that he is in. Just when you begin to find the ad somewhat amusing, primarily because of how he simply brandishes a smile at everything that life throws at him, the ad hammers home the fact that there will be a staggering 119,500 children who would spend Christmas without a home this year. Let that sink in!

3. Boots: Joy for All

Boots knows very well the magic that Christmas can weave for everyone to enjoy and its ad fully captures this spirit.

The ad shows Lydia West finding special glasses on the bus that help her see what brings joy to the people every time she puts them on. The frothy and colorful visuals help bring dreams to the real world as she gets the perfect prezzies for her loved ones. Truly magical, isn’t it?

4. Age UK: Fred’s World

Age UK’s Christmas 2022 advert takes viewers on a journey through the ages as it follows the relationship of a football fan Fred and his wife through the lens of the World Cup years, beginning back in 1966.

As the years fly by, the couple is seen sitting lovingly side by side, until one day, an elderly Fred finds himself all alone. With the cost of living crisis making things harder for people with limited means, this winter is going to be one of the toughest for older people experiencing loneliness. The ad is expected to inspire people to donate to Age UK. Well, if that doesn’t make people donate, then I really don’t know what will.

5. Disney: The Gift

Disney has released the final segment of its Christmas trilogy in the “Make a Wish” series. And just like we had expected, it’s just the cheery and heartwarming story that we had hoped for.

The ad follows a young girl as she prepares for the arrival of the new child in the family and in the process, puts up with certain changes in her life. But she eventually understands what it means to welcome a new member into the family and the lovely gesture from her toward the end of the ad might just moisten your eyes.

Wrapping Up

And that was a wrap of the best Christmas 2022 commercials. As we can see, caring and kindness remain the underlying themes in this year’s ads too. But the jury is still out on the best Christmas ads from this year and we’ll keep an eye on the most amazing Christmas 2022 ads and bring them to you as and when they are released.

We’ll be back with more amazing commercials for you. Till then, stay tuned!


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