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5 Best Ramadan 2022 Ads That Stand True to Its Spirit

As promised to you last week, we are back with some of the best Ramadan commercials from 2022. The COVID-19 pandemic and the subsequent lockdown had been playing spoilsport for the last years in the Ramadan season. But as the restrictions around the lockdown are slowly lifting, brands unleashing their creative side to come up with some of the most beautiful Ramadan commercials.

So, here are 5 Ramadan commercials from 2022 that will melt your heart.

1. McDonald's Malaysia

McDonald's Malaysia has come up with an excellent ad this Ramadan to beautifully capture the importance of celebrating Ramadan with your loved ones.

The ad features a young girl, Kak Long, going back to her home after two years. Back home, the Big Boss, “Mak” can’t wait to welcome her beloved kid. But as everyone believes, is it true that Kak Long is Mak’s only favorite child? Watch this ad on YouTube to find out.

2. KFC Pakistan

The very essence of Ramadan lies in celebrating it with the people around you. Togetherness is the underlying message of every festival, including Ramadan, and KFC’s Ramadan 2022 ad perfectly sums it up.

The ad features a visiting KFC joint to break their fast before Iftar. Just then one of the kids with the family sees the family’s driver standing outside near the car and orders food for him too. When the order arrives, the girl goes over to the driver and invites him to join them for Iftar.

The warm gesture by the young girl surely will touch your heart and moisten your eyes. After all, what good is a festival if it can’t bridge the socio-economic divide that exists in our societies! Also, the background score is soothing to the ears and mind.

3. Qatar Airways

Qatar Airways’ Ramadan 2022 ad fully explains why it is awaited with such anticipation for the entire year. The ad beautifully captures everything that we ought to be grateful for in life- friends, children, family.

The ad serves as an indirect reminder of how we often take these things for granted when actually these are exactly the things that many others are deprived of. Qatar Airways’ ad ends with the advice of cherishing the time spent together with your loved ones during this special month of hope and blessings.

4. Coca-Cola

Coca-Cola came up with an excellent commercial this Ramadan that sums up the significance of celebrating Ramadan with your family.

The ad shows a young newly-married girl reading her mother’s recipe to prepare a Ramadan feast. The recipe, in fact, has got more to do with bringing family members close to each other. The ad slowly unfolds into the perfect Ramadan Iftar gathering as the girl’s mother’s voice keeps narrating the ‘guidelines’ in the background.

5. Surf Excel

Surf Excel is back with its iconic #daagacchehain theme ad this Ramadan. The ad yet again establishes that real happiness and satisfaction comes from bringing a smile to others’ face.

The ad shows a couple of children visiting the hospital and seeing quite a few sick and bed-ridden children who are almost their age. The kids go back to their place and paint themselves as clowns. Once they are back at the hospital, one of the kids says, “we don’t have money, but we have got laughter”. And they set out on spreading it to everyone else in the hospital ward.

The innocence and selfless attitude of the kids will truly melt your heart.

Bottom Line

Togetherness is the fundamental idea behind Ramadan. The very purpose of Ramadan is to unite people and the ads mentioned above make every effort to do that by strengthening the bonds of kinship and brotherhood.

We’ll be back next week with a few more amazing commercials.

Till then, stay tuned!

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