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5 Classic Filipino Commercials That Became Viral Even Before ‘Viral’ Was a Thing

Before the Internet completely altered our media consumption habits, the small screen aka TV was our most important source of entertainment. We would hop onto chairs, sofas, and couches to watch our favorite shows. And what did everyone hate the most? Obviously, those dreaded yet inescapable commercials! They haven’t stopped irritating us on YouTube either!

However, some of these commercials are really well thought out. And so were a few commercials from the past. Unlike Japanese commercials, which are too full of energy and enthusiasm, Filipino ads rely more on the context and situation of a commercial. In case you’re wondering what I am talking about, let’s clear your confusion with these 5 Filipino commercials that became incredibly popular when they were first aired.

1. McDonald’s: Who is Lolo’s Favorite?

McDonald’s fully understands what it takes to tug at people’s heartstrings. So, they came up with this commercial in 2001 where they portrayed the Lolo-apo dynamic.

The ad shows the forgetful father constantly referring to the girl in front as the other apo, Gina. This was until he revealed that Karen was his favorite, whom he had been talking to all this while. Karen Delos Reyes- yeah, that’s her actual name. She also went on to become an actress under GMA.

2. Palmolive: I can feel it

Wait a minute, is that a classic Madonna music video? Ummm, no that’s Alice Dixson, who, until this commercial was aired, was probably known as the titleholder of the previous year’s Bb. Philipinas International.

Dickson’s flirty shoulder turn was enough to capture everyone’s attention. This was probably the reason why Palmolive decided to discover more pretty women through its Circle of 10 search.

3. Coca-Cola: That Irresistible ‘Coke’ Beat

If the “Cups” song from the U.S. was a rage, the Filipino “Coke Beat” jingle was equally good. Here’s how good this commercial was- students learned the lyrics and steps of this jingle by heart at one point.

The girl in the ponytails is Cathy Bordalba, while the one with shorter hair is Chal Lontoc-del Rosario. The two also got together a few years ago to recreate the commercial.

4. PLDT: Suportahan ta ka

Commercials tend to have maximum impact when they reflect actual experiences and that’s precisely what this commercial from PLDT’s NDD service did.

The commercial tells the story of a boy telling his father about shifting his course. While the son seems scared about how his father, a doctor, would react to his decision of pursuing fine arts, the father readily agrees, saying “Suportahan ta ka”.

Now that’s how you make the most of emotional capital through your commercials.

5. Sprite: I Love You, Piolo!

Many talents featuring in Filipino commercials during the early stages of their careers went on to become superstars. And Toni Gonzaga’s story is no different.

Toni featured in this Sprite ad and soon impressed everyone with her comedic chops, which soon landed her a spot in Eat Bulaga. Life came full circle for Toni in 2014, now a sought-after actress, when she reunited with Piolo Pascul in Starting Over Again, where the two recreated this scene.

Wrapping Up

So, here were the top Filipino commercials from yesteryear. While there’s no sure-shot formula to guarantee an ad would go viral, advertisers should continue trying to break out of molds and go beyond mere likes and shares if they truly want to have stories that transcend generations.

We’ll be back with more commercials for you. Till then, stay tuned!

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