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5 Easy Ways to Win Customers Using Experiential Marketing

Marketers have been on a mission to find new ways to reach consumers since the start of the internet. Consumers are bombarded with advertisements and messages from all sides – television commercials, website banners, and social media feed – and it's difficult for them to avoid being overwhelmed by marketing communications. But what if, rather than simply presenting your goods as an advertisement in the hopes that someone may buy it someday, you actually provide them an experience?

Experiential marketing is a strategy that gives consumers an opportunity to interact with your product or service in a fun, interesting, and memorable way. Rather than viewing customers as passive recipients who can't decide if they want this or that, engagement marketers believe that these individuals should become active with brands. As a result, consumers get to have knowledge of products, services, and offers.

It all comes down to the reality that this marketing strategy links brands and customers in a way that no other marketing strategy does. In fact, according to a recent study by EventTrack, 91% of consumers report having more positive views about businesses after attending events hosted by them. As a business, you need an experiential marketing strategy to reach and engage consumers, and here is how you can do it.

Decide Goals And What You Want To Influence

Visualize what a viral experiential campaign would look like for your business. What are the core elements you would need to make it happen? What will make your audience share your content with their friends? By visualizing a great campaign, you can replicate the success by clearly communicating the messaging and ensuring that it is seen or read by everyone. Once you have a general idea of what you want, it's much easier to plan and execute the specific details.

Plan Engaging Events that will Interest Your Target Audience

Your target audience will be those individuals who are most likely to buy your product or service. Plan an event that would interest them and offer something unique that they can't find anywhere else. This could be anything from a VIP party to a concert or a fashion show. It's important to remember that your event should align with your brand's personality and be something that your target audience will enjoy.

Tap into Your Audience's Lifestyle Habits

Talk to potential customers to find out what experiences they expect from a brand. What are their lifestyle habits? What are they passionate about? If you can find a way to tie your product or service into one of their passions, they're more likely to be interested. This information can be used to your advantage when planning your experiential marketing strategy. For example, if you're targeting millennials, you may want to consider hosting an event at a popular bar.

Create Shareable Content

Make sure that you have great visuals and videos that capture the essence of your event. This content can be used to promote your event before it happens and create social media posts that will help generate excitement among your followers. The more engaging and interesting your content, activity, or event is, the more likely people will want to share it with their friends. Remember that around 98% of people record content at events and 100% of those that capture content share it across their social media.

Ensure that Experience is Something They will Remember

When customers have a positive experience with your brand, they're much more likely to remember it. Make sure that your event is something that will stay with them long after it's over. A good experience leaves a lasting impression and can also turn customers into brand advocates who will spread the word about your business to their friends and family.


Experiential marketing is a strategy that should be considered by all businesses, regardless of size or industry. By creating events and experiences tailored to your target audience, you can create a lasting impression and build a strong relationship with your customers. What's more, you'll likely see a positive return on investment - thanks to the increased loyalty and word-of-mouth marketing that experiential marketing will generate.


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