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5 Evergreen Easter Commercials That Today's Marketers Can Learn From

So, it was Easter yesterday and yet another opportunity for brands to flood the ad market with some of the most mind-blowing Easter commercials. But for reasons unknown to me and many others like myself, brands either skipped the occasion or were simply not up to the mark with their adverts. So, I decided to take matters into my own hands and teach marketers what it takes to come up with an attention-grabbing, eye-popping Easter commercial.

So, here we are with 5 evergreen Easter commercials that every marketer can learn from.

1. Nestle: Alice in Wonderland

Nestle came up with a heartwarming Easter commercial in 2018 that didn’t directly advertise its products but instead revolved around the feelings that we usually have about family holidays.

The ad showcased a giant woman going about with her life as the audience sees her in the metro, at her workplace, and while crossing the street. But once she lands at her home, she shrinks back to her original size. The lesson- you’re never too “big” or old for your family. The reason why this ad was so successful was that it blended all our favorite childhood memories- Alice in Wonderland, the Easter holiday, family, and chocolates!

2. Co-op: The Good Egg Hunt

Co-op, one of the biggest co-operatives in the UK, came up with a really creative Easter commercial in 2016. The YouTube campaign featured an actor, who set up various experiments to encourage passers-by to lend a helping hand to other people in their community.

We’ve seen time and again that social experiments in commercials pay off quite well and that was the case with Co-op’s advert too. The UK’s fifth-largest food retailer also ended up consolidating its position as a community-driven company, thereby, initiating a feel-good egg hunt.

3. Deliveroo: Game of Thrones Dragon Eggs

The much-awaited final season of popular TV show Game of Thrones was about to be released in 2019 and British online food delivery company Deliveroo took full advantage of the huge buzz around the final season.

The food delivery company came up with an exclusive collection of dragon eggs for Easter, each weighing 2.2 pounds. Since food and TV are closely tied, this turned out to be a match made in heaven. The major reason behind the success of this campaign was Deliveroo’s excellent play with the iconic imagery of eggs and its collaboration with a brand that was highly adored by its fans.

4. Cadbury: Creme Egg Golden Goobilee

Cadbury came up with an Easter ad in 2021 that showed many people enjoying the chocolate egg in various ways, including a male couple getting into a full-blown kiss to share the chocolate egg. As a result, 25,000 people wrote in to complain. But luckily for Cadbury, thousands of people, including myself, felt that the ad’s diversity was something to cheer for- the complainers can sit back with an egg on their faces.

The move by Cadbury was quite discrete too considering that inclusivity is the key to tap today’s younger generations. Statistics say that 75% of Gen Z consumers will boycott companies that discriminate against race and sexuality, and Cadbury’s portrayal of diversity in its ad really paid off.

5. Tesco: It’s Yours for the Making

Tesco came up with a beautiful Easter ad last year, which highlighted why the occasion is so special. Plenty of chocolates, the liberty to call (or not call) whosoever you like, glorious weather (albeit in parts), and Easter bunnies everywhere- if all those things don’t make Easter special, I don’t know what will!

Wrapping Up

And that was a wrap of some of the best Easter commercials from the last few years. These are obviously not the only Easter ads out there that can inspire marketers, but these are certainly amongst the best. I felt pretty disappointed looking at the Easter ads from this year; maybe marketers can use some inspiration from the Easter commercials mentioned above.

We’ll be back with more amazing videos for you. Till then, stay tuned!


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