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5 Funny Valentine’s Day Commercials That One Can Confuse With World Laughter Day Ads

Yeah, even I didn’t know that you could possibly find anything to laugh about the Valentine’s Day. But the ads that we are going to look at in this week’s #FunnyFridays segment will offer you new insights into how you can leverage humor to market your product on almost every occasion. We already saw this when we did our blog on World AIDS Day.

So, here we are with 5 hilarious Valentine’s Day commercials that can make anybody double up with laughter.

1. Interflora: Worst Day Ever

While Valentine’s Day deserves all the credit for the spark that it can ignite between two individuals, the baggage of expectations that it comes with, especially in the case of women (because men are absolute morons at times!), often makes us the most stupid things.

What do you do if you forget to get your girlfriend anything on Valentine’s Day? Well, you can always head back and get her something, but this 2018 Interflora ad had a different idea. You could make up for your absent-mindedness on Valentine’s by showing that you had the worst day ever. The only problem is that it will require you to tear your clothes, roll over in the mud, and bash your head with two garbage can lids.

2. Sainsbury’s: A Valentine’s Mix Up

I don’t really know if this ad should be called cute or funny. But regardless of what it is, this 50-second Sainsbury’s spot surely succeeded in making me laugh.

The ad showcases a dog trying to understand why its master is paying it no heed. But it soon finds out the reason behind this when it sees the preparations that its master has made for his beloved. Yes, it’s Valentine’s Day, and the poor dog is jealous of its master’s partner because of the sudden divide in attention. So, it does everything within its means to spoil the day for the girlfriend.

But as things turn out, the jealous pup is soon embarrassed by its act and tries to undo what it has done to comedic effect.

3. Deliveroo: Third Wheel Kevin

Valentine’s Day sucks if you’re single, especially if someone is trying their best to make you realize your pitiable, single life on the day when the entire world has someone to embrace in their arms; someone they can call their own.

Sounds pathetic, right? But thanks to this hilarious ad by British online food delivery company Deliveroo, being single won’t hurt so much. You will still feel shitty about not having anyone who loves you but their third-wheel meal deal is simply too amazing to wash away your single-life woes.

4. My M&M’S: Personalized Candies

It’s one thing to get your partner a gift and a wholly different ball game about ‘becoming’ the gift.

This funny-cum-slightly-cringy ad showcases two couples celebrating Valentine’s Day at a restaurant. While one of the boyfriends gets personalized chocolate candies for his girlfriend with their picture on the candies, the other boyfriend thinks it would be cool to get a picture of himself and his girlfriend tattooed on his chest. The lad also dared to think that he had the same gift idea as the other fellow.

5. Dairy Queen: Share Your Heart

This Valentine’s Day commercial by Dairy Queen is one of the greatest examples of parody advertising, and rightly so.

The ad showcases a man gifting his partner a Dairy Queen spoon, which she later uses to eat a special red velvet ice cream. The two share tears of ‘overwhelming joy and emotions’. The woman also calls her mother to tell her about the wonderful gift she’s received from her man. I wonder how her mother might have reacted to the news.

Wrapping Up

And that was a wrap of this week’s #FunnyFridays segment. I have often said that humor can help you get traction on every occasion and these ads are a clear reminder of the power of humor when it comes to advertising.

We’ll be back with more awesome Valentine’s Day commercials next week. Till then, stay tuned!


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