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5 Genius Digital Storytelling Examples 2022

As a marketer, being a digital storyteller comes naturally to you. You ought to create a compelling narrative to attract your intended audience and get them to care deeply about your brand's message. You may avoid developing simply another marketing strategy if you approach it correctly. You can create a sincere, enduring relationship with your clients instead. According to the authentic Medium website, 25% of firms use this method as their marketing tool. Webfx states that this powerful marketing strategy confirms video content is great for visual storytelling, and 75% of people who see brand videos go to a company's website afterward.

There are numerous distinctive application cases for digital storytelling, which refers to immersive, engaging material posted on the internet, ranging from narrative articles and brand storytelling to employee engagement and financial statements.

Here are five examples of engaging digital storytelling that combines excellent narration, an immersing storyline, top-notch visualization to produce authentic content, and a fantastic digital story.

1. Snowfall – The Avalanche at Tunnel Creek

After going public on December 20th, 2012, Snow Fall got over 3.5 million page hits and 2.9 million visits in the very first week. It is the pioneering instance that popularised digital storytelling. The New York Times "Snow Fall," a Pulitzer Prize-winning initiative, has almost entirely come to represent digital storytelling. It is well-written and features captivating photos, fascinating mapping, video material, and story figures.

2. Kia's Robot Dog

This Kia commercial is far from the first to adopt puppy-dog eyes to pique our interest. However, this time, the energy is a little higher. They demonstrate that a Robo dog can be just as adorable as a real one before discreetly urging us to apply the same reasoning to electric vehicles. It is a clever strategy to persuade owners of gas-powered cars that their fate is friendly.

3. The Bear 71

A bear that has been saved from a trap and freed into the wild with a tracking collar. This immersive documentary Bear 71 goes beyond straightforward narration. It tells the story of the ways technology affects and how we connect with the internet world. The National Film Board of Canada's documentation, although not advertising, is arguably the most spectacular example of how you can use a variety of mediums to create a compelling message. It lets you navigate an interactive map of Canmore, Canada's Banff National Park, using your webcam, cursor, and keyboard keys. Video, images, interactive mapping, and other components combine to provide this interactive experience.

The intriguing storytelling also serves as the finest illustration of how digital technologies can morph into something far better than themselves.

4. Apple’s 911 (call for help)

Unlike McDonald's and FTX, Apple chose to forgo comedy and steer their excellent digital storytelling in a terrifying but effective direction. You hear the concerned voices of individuals in difficult situations in this advertisement. Fortunately, all three wore Apple watches, allowing them to call quickly for aid in an emergency. It is both a narrative about the influence of connectivity and a compelling argument for purchasing a smartwatch.

5. Royal Navy – Get The Message

Get The Message, a marketing campaign developed by Isobar for the Royal Navy represents one of the earliest instances of digital storytelling that comes to mind. You may compose a message and convey it to a friend or a family member via texting, emailing, or social networks. In six different situations, Isobar had Royal Navy officers send the message to the intended recipient. This strategy involved doing it from a helicopter, diving underwater, through the jungle, and other places.

The Verdict

Today, a sufficient amount of content-making groups in marketing, entertainment, and communication regularly generate engaging reading experiences. The growth of digital storytelling is the deriving force behind this transformation. Digital stories, like those from the BBC, El Periodico, and Sky News, have become essential to many of the prominent media organizations throughout the globe thanks to their comprehensive visual presentation and interactive essence.

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