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5 Hilarious Super Bowl 2024 Commercials That Hogged The Limelight This Season

Hey folks, we’re back with another #FunnyFridays segment and as the title suggests, we’d take you through some of the funniest Super Bowl ads from this year. The 58th Super Bowl came to a close last Sunday in Las Vegas with the Kansas City Chiefs defeating San Francisco 49ers 25-22. Now while I know we’re slightly late with the coverage, there was no way we’d have gone without bringing to you some of the best commercials from this season. After all, with the high number of Super Bowl ads that are released every year, our content requirement gets taken care of too😜

So, here we are with 5 hilarious Super Bowl 2024 commercials that will leave you in splits.

1. Uber Eats: Don’t Forget Uber Eats

Uber Eats released a couple of funny commercials this year that saw people forgetting some of the most basic things about their lives.

The first commercial featuring David and Victoria Beckham takes a dig at their hilarious Rolls Royce conversation from the David Beckham documentary that came out last year on Netflix. From forgetting Victoria’s band’s name to conflating football with baseball and hockey, the duo entertains us with some of the funniest moments. But nothing compares to their excitement at working with “Jessica Aniston”🤣

Jennifer Aniston’s fans don’t need to feel offended. She doesn’t seem to remember anything about her Friends co-star David Schwimmer either. 

But she isn’t the only one to be forgetting things. Others forgot to wear pants to the office and don’t seem to remember how to “take a seat”. I tell you, this 60-second spot has been created to drive us crazy with laughter!

2. Doritos: Dina & Mita

Doritos wanted to promote its new Dinamita and what better way to do so than bringing in Jenna Ortega, Danny Ramirez, and a fiery duo of abuelas?

The 2-minute spot shows Danny picking up the last packet of Doritos from a supermarket just when the two grannies are about to lay their hands on it. What follows next is a dramatic chase sequence across the streets with the two grannies riding, fighting, and at times even flying to get their Doritos back from Danny. And, when they finally manage to get their hands on it, Jenna arrives and calmly takes it from their hands, leaving us all wondering if there’s another chase on the cards.

3. State Farm: Like a Good Neighbaa

Americans have always been known for making a mess of the English language but somehow we’ve always come to like their version of the language. It’s no wonder that the terms ‘gonna” and “wanna” found their way into our lingo!

But this 80-second spot by the insurance company State Farm takes a rather unique dig at their pronunciation with Arnold Schwarzenegger at the center of it. The advert shows Schwarzenegger eating up the last two letters of every word that either ends or has the sound of an “er” to it, and giving it a slight tongue twist of his own. So, the words “neighbor”, “paper”, “labor”, and “chopper” sounded like “neighbaaa”, “papaaa”, labaaa”, and “choppaaa”.

But the director of the advert has a solution to it in the form of a “backstabbing” Danny DeVito. Well, the director played you, Arnold, he’s a playaaa! Ahh, forget it, I just had to crack that joke; I’ve been thinking of adding it since I began writing this blog.

4. Oreo: Twist On It

Imagine if all the major historical events were an outcome of the twist of an Oreo cookie! Well, that’s the premise of this Super Bowl advert by Oreo, and boy, it’s hilarious.

The ad shows some of the biggest decisions being made simply by the twist of Oreo. From the guards opening the gates of Troy to let in the Trojan horse and the artificial intelligence being given a mind of its own to the rise of boy bands and the Kardashians agreeing to put their lives out on the TV- it all happened because someone wanted to twist a cookie to make the decision. I hope our politicians aren’t relying on this technique when it comes to making crucial policy decisions😥

5. Nyx Professional Makeup: Duck Plump

Nyx Professional Makeup teamed up with Cardi B to come up with a funny and cheeky advert for this Super Bowl.

The ad promotes the brand’s new Duck Plump Gloss that plumps up the lips. Unfortunately, some men seem to be confusing its purpose, leading the brand to come up with a disclaimer that it’s #ForLipsOnly🙈

Well, what can I say except that men seem to be overtly conscious of their “shortcomings”?🤣

Wrapping Up

And that was a wrap of yet another #FunnyFridays segment. Like each year, brands have left no stone unturned to serve us with amazing Super Bowl adverts. But we aren’t done yet; there are plenty of more awesome Super Bowl commercials from this season and those aren’t going to cover themselves.

So, we’ll be back with more wonderful Super Bowl 2024 commercials for you next week. Till then, stay tuned!


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