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5 Underrated Ramadan 2023 Commercials That Will Set The Tone For Eid

The holy month of Ramadan ends today and this marks the commencement of the Eid festivities. Over the last month, we brought to you multiple Ramadan ads from this year, which showcased the marketing brilliance of the brands behind them. But while most of them had already been watched by most of you, certain commercials didn’t get as many eyeballs as they should have.

So, here we are 5 amazing but underrated Ramadan 2023 commercials that you must watch.

1. Fast Cables: Is Ramazan Karain Apni Soch Roshan

While a woman’s beauty and fairness are talked about almost everywhere in the world, the obsession with fair and flawless skin in South Asia is unmatched. And this commercial by Fast Cables tends to highlight this problem and break stereotypes around this issue.

The ad shows a family trying to secure a groom for their daughter, who has a slight dark patch on her face. In a bid to hide the dark patch, a woman, who is probably the girl’s aunt, avoids putting too many lights in the room where the groom and his family are seated. But the girl replaces the light bulb in the room with a Fast Cables bulb, which brightens up the entire room. Why? Because she didn’t want to build her marriage on a lie.

Well, she didn’t merely brighten up the room but everyone’s thoughts too! Also, product placement in this ad is something most marketers can learn from.

2. McDonald’s India: When Festivals Make Families

Ramadan is indeed all about being together with family. But what’s also true is that Ramadan, like any other festival, has the power to turn strangers into a family. And this McDonald’s ad bears ample testimony to that.

The ad showcases three youngsters from different parts of the country joining a company. Over time, their friendship grows stronger and what initially felt like an alien space to all of them seems much better due to the presence of each other.

That’s what Ramadan does, brings together strangers and binds them with an unbreakable bond of love, care, and respect.

3. The Citizens Foundation: Change Begins with Education

Pakistani non-profit organization The Citizens Foundation came up with a Ramadan ad this year, which highlighted the power of kindness.

The ad revolves around a young girl whose mother works as a household help at a woman’s house. When the owner realizes that the young girl doesn’t go to school, she arranges for her education. Years later, the young girl turns out to be a doctor and treats the kind-hearted woman who helped her unlock the doors of education. The ad ends with The Citizens Foundation exhorting the audience to donate to the poor and needy during Ramadan.

Kindness- that’s the spirit that Ramadan is based upon. You never know how your one small act of kindness may impact the lives of others.

4. PUBG Mobile Pakistan: Khelo Dil Jeetnay Ke Liye

PUBG has been long banned in India. But that didn’t deter the Chinese gaming app to come up with an excellent ad this Ramadan for its Pakistani audience.

The ad shows a guy getting a mouthful from his mother for whiling away his time with his friends. The conversation is overheard by the guy’s friends and they decide to do something that not only helps their friend’s mother but also helps her appreciate PUBG. So, they host a non-stop PUBG session at the woman’s eatery from Iftaar to Sehri i.e., right through the evening snack to the early morning meal. People come in scores to play PUBG at the eatery, which results in good business for the guy and his mother.

The marketers placed PUBG right at the core of the ad and built everything around it. Now that’s some solid marketing!

5. Subway Arabia: Share Memories

It’s often amazing how we bond together over a shared habit or passion. And Subway Arabia used this idea for its Ramadan 2023 ad to the maximum effect.

The ad shows two families whose members share the same hobbies. However, they never speak to each other until one of the family members misplaces the keys to their house and someone from the other family lends a helping hand. Soon enough, the people from the two families become best friends and engage in their favorite hobbies together.

What’s more, with Ramadan they don’t only share a meal but also create and share memories!

Wrapping Up

And that was a wrap of some of the most underrated Ramadan 2023 commercials. While we had covered the more talked about advertisements so far, I felt these commercials, which are mostly by regional companies, might not get the same traction they deserve. But that’s what we do, we bring forth the diamonds that you didn’t even know existed!

We’ll be back next week with some of the best Ramadan commercials from this decade. Until then, stay tuned!


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