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5 Weirdly Sexual Ads for The Most Unsexy Products

Nothing sells better than sex or at least that’s what the established marketing belief has been amongst most advertising quarters for years now. And it can pay rich dividends for products that demand a certain degree of boldness from the ad script and the actors that are part of their commercials. For example, throwing some sexual elements in a condom, perfume, or underwear ad might help them get more views than they would have gotten had the commercial been a simple one.

But there are times when brands go out of their way to infuse some sex appeal into their ads. And that sucks, especially when the product has nothing to do with sex. And those are exactly the kind of ads that we’ll be covering in our today’s blog.

So, here are 5 unusually sexual ads that didn’t have to be sexual at all!

1. Jack’s: Jack Visits

I have no clue what the marketers at that American fast-food restaurant chain Jack’s were thinking when they decided to film and subsequently air this commercial. They probably thought it’d be a good idea to lace their ad with some sexual content.

The ad showcases Jack visiting his parents and telling his mom that he’ll deliver 2 croissants for just $3. Just when the viewers start getting marveled at the offer, Jack’s dad barges into the room and asks his wife to call a doctor. Why? Well, it seems like Jack’s dad has had a boner for a few hours.

What was this ad even about? Viagra?

2. Butterfinger: Cup Therapy

Butterfinger Candy came up with a somewhat unusual ad during the 2014 Super Bowl, which relied on sex to float its bot.

The ad showcases various couples seated inside what seems like a counselor’s office. Amongst these are Chocolate and Peanut Butter, who, probably like the rest of the people at the office, also want to spice up their sex life.

Considering that these candies will most probably be consumed by kids, I don’t know if it was a good idea to subject those impressionable minds to this!

3. Burger King: Big Package

Burger King has had a history of dishing out overtly sexual ads. But this is my all-time favorite.

The ad shows a young man on a metro train holding his burger close to his pelvis such that it appears like he’s holding his penis. If there were any doubts regarding the obvious innuendos, those are quickly cleared by a girl who begins dancing around a pole after she sees the guy. But the fun is short-lived as she spots a guy with a smaller burger sitting in the other corner. It looks like the size of the second burger turned her off!

That’s some bizarre advertising, to say the least!

4. Lotrimin: Fake Masturbation

Athlete’s foot is embarrassing. But what’s even more embarrassing is watching a guy masturbate in a TV commercial. Or at least that’s what the makers of this Lotrimin commercial had us believe for a second.

The ad shows a guy vehemently moving something underneath the sheet while lying in bed next to his alarmed and angry wife, who, like all the rest of us, thinks that he’s probably masturbating. But when she removes the sheet, she finds him scratching his feet.

If that doesn’t help them sell some of their fungal creams, I don’t know what will!

5. Carl’s Jr: Superbowl Ad

What does it take to sell Carl’s Jr Burgers? Well, nothing much except a perfectly shaped pair of boobs!

The ad features American model and actress Charlotte McKinney promoting the fast food chain’s all-natural burger by baring almost everything as she walks through a farmers’ market, seemingly naked, covered by fruits and vegetables placed cleverly over food counters.

Carl's Jr.'s ingenuity in using McKinney's "assets" to promote their own is something to appreciate!

Wrapping Up

And that was a wrap of some of the most weirdly sexual ads. Using sexual elements in advertising isn’t new and brands have leveraged this for years. But there is a certain line in advertising that must not be crossed, especially if the product doesn’t warrant the use of sexual overtones or references.

We’ll be back with more awesome commercials for you. Till then, stay tuned!


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