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6 Online Advertising Trends to Follow in 2022

In digital marketing, things change pretty quickly. The technology landscape is constantly shifting, and new platforms emerge while others disappear into obscurity. By analyzing past trends and ongoing changes, digital marketing experts can get a pretty good read on what’s up for 2022.

A few years ago, we couldn't have imagined how much it would be possible to achieve results by using simple chatbots or virtual assistants instead of having a real-life personal assistant. But today we're no longer scratching our heads wondering how these chatbots can handle so many different tasks for us.

In the year 2022, we expect to see even more changes in digital marketing, and some of them include:

The Need for Data Will Be Immense for Marketing Campaigns

The need for data will be immense for marketing campaigns as they will depend more on the target audience's experiences and feedback. Marketing companies will heavily use customer relationship management tools to improve their efficiency and cope with their changing role as "builders" rather than "sellers."

More startups and businesses looking to provide services and products through these channels will be seen in the coming days.

Building a Mobile-First Strategy

Recent research has revealed that almost 70% of internet users visit websites using mobile devices (smartphones or tablets). With more users accessing the Web through their mobile devices, businesses focus on providing maximum value to their customers by developing unique mobile apps and experiences.

In 2022, marketing will mainly be focused on mobile devices, and companies will have to develop a mobile-first strategy for their campaigns.

Video Content Marketing Will Be the King

With the constantly changing trends of digital marketing, videos won't go out of trend. Video has always been an integral part of any online marketing campaign, but today's business users are constantly looking for new ways to grab attention with their ads. By 2022, companies might invest even more into video advertising as they can expect better returns from these kinds of commercials than ever before.

According to recent research by Learn Hub, videos are more likely to generate organic traffic and social shares than any other online content. In addition, Facebook video posts now reach more people and receive a 0.26% higher engagement than photo and text-based posts combined. So from next year onwards, all those businesses who don't have a video related to their product or services should reconsider their strategy as they might miss out on some key customers too!

The Proliferation of Storytelling in Content Marketing

The common practice of businesses describing their products and services, highlighting the features and benefits to potential customers, has changed. The approach has shifted from generic product descriptions to storytelling which helps marketers connect with their target audience more effectively.

Today, 63% of Gen Z consumers prefer buying from a company that contributes to some social cause. Hence, storytelling will be a key trend in 2022 as this approach helps businesses keep up with the expectations of new-age consumers and provides them some solid results in terms of ROIs.

More Businesses Will Work With Influencers

2022 is the year of influencer marketing, and about 84% of companies plan on working with a social media influencer in the coming year as a part of their digital marketing campaigns. Brands will try and tap influencers' potential to reach out to their ideal customer base because influencer marketing strategies prove beneficial for companies like never before.

Marketers will spend more time and resources in the coming years to identify the influence of relevant people over their target audiences and then engage them to promote their products or services.

Increased Use of Location-Based Strategies

About 95% of global companies use location-based marketing to promote their products and services. The practice of businesses updating their social media accounts with the latest offers and deals, but only for people in their locality, is not new.

Businesses are increasingly using location-based strategies to enter their potential customers' newsfeeds by promoting products or services at local levels. Such approaches might involve offering discount coupons or gifts to potential customers, and this trend is likely to take the digital marketing industry by storm in 2022.


As the marketing scenario evolves and changes, so do the mediums marketers use. Business houses invest in various digital marketing platforms such as social media marketing, search engine optimization, PPC marketing, and influencer marketing.

The widespread growth of the e-commerce sector has made it highly competitive for mainstream retailers - and thus to stand out from their competitors - they need to approach marketing activities differently across all mediums.


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