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China Digital Digest Weekly: Exploring the Chinese Digital Landscape

Hi folks, we are back with our weekly edition of China’s Digital Digest, wherein we bring you weekly updates on China’s digital space. The report takes a quick glance at China’s complex and rapidly evolving social media landscape by providing updates on the latest happenings across the social media industry. Here are the major highlights of the report.

1. Alibaba’s Online Flea Market Xianyu Launches Bricks-And-Mortar Store

Alibaba Group Holding’s online second-hand goods trading platform Xianyu will open its first “all-category” bricks-and-mortar store, as several businesses under the e-commerce giant undertake what CEO Eddie Wu Yongming described as strategic-level innovations.

Xianyu Recycle Shop will launch on 28th January in an industrial estate renovated from an abandoned factory in the Gongshu district of Hangzhou, capital of eastern Zhejiang province and home to Alibaba’s headquarters, according to a post on the platform’s official WeChat account.

2. Chinese State Media Calls for Crackdown on Pricing Fraud in Live-Streaming E-Commerce

Chinese state media Economic Daily has called for tighter regulatory scrutiny of deceptive pricing tactics in live streaming, as the country’s e-commerce players increasingly turn to these campaigns to lure customers and drive sales amid fierce competition and macro-economic headwinds.

In an opinion piece, the official media blasted some live streamers for misleading consumers with tactics such as fake price comparisons and exaggerations, adding that more than 5,000 broadcasters were penalised last year for price manipulation. Fabricating or marking up the original price and offering fake discounts are seen as price fraud, the article said, citing rules by China’s Development and Reform Commission.

3. Tmall Promotes “New Chinese Style” for Year of The Dragon

For its latest Super Category Day promotional event, the e-commerce platform Tmall has chosen to spotlight a social media-driven fashion trend called “New Chinese Style”.

This subdivision of guochao, or “China chic”, is a fusion of modern fashion and historical Chinese design elements from different eras.  The e-commerce giant structured the campaign around 4 distinct looks of New Chinese Style – Classic, Intellectual, Avant-garde, and Dragon – to showcase the trend’s customizability.

4. Uniqlo Takes Legal Action Against SHEIN for Alleged Counterfeit Sales

Uniqlo, a brand under the Fast Retailing Group, has initiated legal proceedings against three firms associated with the retail brand SHEIN.

The companies in question, Roadget Business Pte., Fashion Choice Pte. Ltd., and SHEIN JAPAN Co., Ltd., are accused of selling counterfeit versions of Uniqlo’s round mini shoulder bags. Uniqlo alleges that these actions constitute a violation of the Unfair Competition Prevention Act. 

5. ByteDance Accelerates the Relocation of TikTok Employees Overseas

Starting from November 2023, TikTok’s front-end and back-end developers, data analysts, algorithm engineers, and other positions working in China have been receiving notices to transfer to overseas locations. The work locations include Singapore, Australia, Canada, and the United States.

According to reports, if the employees accept the transfer, they can receive a salary package that is about twice as much as what they would earn domestically, along with a two-year housing subsidy. If they do not accept the transfer, there is currently no requirement for them to resign involuntarily, but the number of job positions related to TikTok’s business in China has been significantly reduced.

Wrapping Up

The vast and diverse nature of the Chinese Social Media space makes it incredibly challenging to keep a tab on the rapid developments taking place. However, China’s Digital Digest brings you all the latest updates from there to keep you abreast of all the evolving trends.

To delve deeper into the findings of the January report, click here.

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