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Creating Hype - How to Make your Brand Win the Internet

Increasing brand recognition isn't difficult, but the amount of content saturation today might make it a painful experience to get your product or service known. The trick lies in picking an idea that is trending and combining it with something familiar to everyone. After all, 89% of marketers cite increasing brand awareness as their top priority.

However, there are certain practical methods for improving brand awareness that you may not be aware of, and employing such strategies hasn't just been done by businesses all over the world, but they're also surprisingly straightforward to put into action.

Publish and Partner With Companies With a Strong Internet Presence

Big companies, in particular, have put in a lot of effort to build up the level of loyalty and trust that makes them successful. Consider brands such as Toyota, Apple, or Nivea - most people are familiar with these names and believe them to be credible. Why not collaborate with other businesses to take full advantage of their strong trust signals?

Even if you can't strike a deal or your business is small, there will still be companies that are not too big to partner up with. However, whichever company you are partnering up with, make sure that you have engaged in a lot of high-quality content marketing and are willing to spread the word about your service or product.

The takeaway? If your company collaborates with a well-known and trusted brand, take it. Because of this, customers will begin to identify your business and trust your brand.

Create Shareable Infographics

Research shows that consumers are more likely to share content when they actually understand it. To take advantage of this, create infographics that readers can easily digest and spread from there.

On social media, SHARING is essential for gaining new audiences. They guarantee that your material is seen by people who aren't already following you. They help increase organic reach, which is especially true on Facebook, where the algorithm favors friends and family shares over corporate postings.

The infographic is one of the most shareable content formats available. They're more appealing to the eye than a normal article, and they're fun to read as well. Remember that visuals are processed 60,000 times faster by the brain than plain text and that visual elements in blogs increased engagement by 94%.

Come Up With a Referral Program

One way to increase brand awareness is through word-of-mouth marketing. If you've ever purchased a product or service after being recommended by a friend, then you know how powerful this method can be.

The thing is that providing incentives for people to tell their friends about your business doesn't guarantee word-of-mouth marketing success either. To make the most out of it, you need to plan carefully - in fact; it is to have your greatest advocates be your loyal customers.

A referral program not only expands your reach and the number of individuals who are aware of your name, but it also boosts that awareness from a source that people trust: their own friends and family.

Promote Scarcity in Your Marketing Message

To make the most out of creating hype, you need to find ways to make your brand stand out. One way is through scarcity marketing - putting a limited time on the deals you offer or even offering special, limited edition products that can only be obtained during a short window of time.

The strategy works because it stimulates people's natural desire for something scarce - in other words, wanting something more when they see others also want it.


You may believe that a website or a referral program is all it takes to increase brand recognition. However, if you don't put in the necessary effort to make these techniques effective for you, they won't be effective through strong branding and messaging.

Planning is crucial, and you must plan your product launches and decide what information you will give out when and how you can make the event of your product launch into something worth discussing. Many brand marketers may find it difficult to properly and accurately measure their brand metrics and growth, but that shouldn't be necessary for you!


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