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Digital Outlook 2022 - Predictions by Expert Senior Marketing Practitioners- Part III

We’re back with our third and final installment of expert insights and predictions shared during ClickInsights’ Digital Outlook 2022.

To understand the shift in digital marketing trends, ClickInsights recently organized Digital Outlook 2022, where our panel of expert marketing practitioners from brands, agencies, and technology vendors, offered their insights into the rapidly evolving digital marketing space.

Here are some of the major marketing predictions made by our last three panelists.

Agnisha is the Asia Integrated Marketing Lead for 3M and the Global Digital Marketing Lead for She Loves Data.

Agnisha’s top three trends are based on execution excellence and other practical things that marketers can do to drive a change and make a difference in their businesses.

Agnisha believes that first-party will assume greater importance in 2022. With Google phasing out third-part data, companies now have the opportunity to create segmented and personalized content for their audience. This can be done by channeling all marketing campaigns towards obtaining first-party data.

Social commerce is the second most important trend that will pick up in 2022, according to Agnisha. While Instagram shopping and TikTok have helped in improving the e-commerce experience for both brands and customers, live videos will gain greater prominence in 2022. They will come in handy for showcasing products, giving live demos, and answering customers’ questions. Therefore, social commerce would be an important medium for bringing the product and the in-store experience to the customer.

Influencer marketing or extended engagement with influencers will be the third most important trend for Agnisha. Like Liz Clark, Agnisha also feels that brands will move toward forming long-term partnerships with influencers instead of engaging with them in a one-off project. This is because of the long-term connections that the audience forms with a brand and the face associated with it. This shift from transactional to emotional will be an important trend to watch out for in 2022, according to Agnisha.

Stephanie is the head of APJ marketing at Dell Boomi.

According to Stephanie, the webinar is reclaiming its on-demand nature. It is moving to build a re-engagement journey that is mostly digital. This requires the content to be short and air-tight and the user journey must be built according to the persona.

Stephanie feels that since digital platforms are algorithm-driven, marketers need to keep to their promise with their audience to drive conversions. They should make it easy for their audience to find their content on the web. This is especially important today as third-party data is getting phased out, which means that marketers need to optimally use their first-party data

Stephanie also feels that marketers need to leverage AI to relieve themselves from the burden of repetitive tasks. AI is now integrated into everything from marketing automation and CRM to data management and data analytics stores. Hence, marketers and brands need to accommodate AI and machine learning into their operations.

Joyce is the marketing director for the Asia Pacific and Japan at VMware.

Like Stephanie, Joyce also feels that AI and machine learning will become much more important in 2022. This is because increased privacy regulations have made it difficult for brands to establish user identity without the help of third-party cookies. However, AI and machine learning can help marketers with gathering, organizing, and analyzing data at every step of the customer journey. This will also help B2B marketers learn more about their customers and create more personalized offers for their customers.

According to Joyce, hybrid experiences i.e. a mix of physical and online experiences would gain more importance in 2022. This will help marketers engage with their audience and encourage a higher rate of customer participation. This will require increased personalization in content creation by putting the customers’ needs at the forefront while designing these experiences.

The rise in digital jobs is the third most important trend for Joyce. According to Joyce, there is a gap between companies looking for a workforce skilled in digital marketing, however, the market offering doesn’t sync with their needs. Therefore, people looking to get into this industry need to hone their skills in social media marketing, e-commerce, and digital analytics as these are the areas where companies are looking to invest in 2022.

Bottom Line

The views shared by our last three panelists and a few that we covered in our previous blogs clearly indicate that there is a need for companies to obtain and judiciously use first-party data. With privacy regulations getting stricter day by day, marketers can no longer rely on third-party cookies, which makes first-party data increasingly important.

We hope that the views shared by our panelists will provide you with some deep insights as you plan your marketing strategy for 2022.

To watch the full webinar, click here.

Also, you can download our Digital Marketing Trends & Predictions 2022 report by clicking here.

We’ll be back next week with some of the most impactful International Women’s Day Ads from yesteryears,

Till then, stay tuned. Have a great weekend folks!


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