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Do you Risk Losing the traffic? Learn When Should Content Be Updated to Achieve Maximum SEO Value

Once you build a website for your company, the job does not end here. In fact, it is a piece of work that needs attention 24/7. The content on websites can get expired. Hence, it is required that the content keeps on getting updated. Doing so will provide the readers with relevant and up-to-date information and will help boost your search engine ranking (SEO).

According to HubSpot statistics, updating old blog posts can increase your traffic to old posts by 106%. People know that their material needs updating but do not know when is the right time. There are many things that could prompt digital marketers and content writers to update their content.

In this article, you can learn when you should update old content. So, let's get started!

When Should the Content Get Updated?

There is no definite answer to this question. However, it all depends on your content article and what information has gotten written in it.

1) When the information becomes obsolete

The content writing market is often changing due to new algorithms, trends, and information. With the shifting market, it is inevitable that your content will get out of date. You should keep track of all the changes- so your old content gets updated with the latest facts to avoid spreading misinformation to the customers.

2) Meta descriptions

Your content and its authenticity are legitimate, and so are your meta description and the keyword it contains. That's why you should update your content when the keywords in your meta description do not match the search engine searches. You can get the help of Yoast SEO to rewrite the meta description with the right keywords up the search rankings.

3) Posts

That is the most common material and necessitates the effort work to be valuable. There are many different types of posts. To break it down, we have:

· Holiday Posts

You can find thousands of posts centered around the holiday season. Although this type of content does not need a monthly update but does need a yearly update before the holiday season starts. The posts could be related to Christmas, Vacations, Easter, etc. Understand your timing and have updated material ready before people start searching.

·Tech Articles

Many websites provide articles relating to tech services. That is one of the areas that need to get updated frequently. An example is when the Gutenberg editor got introduced to WordPress, all the previous content offering instructions about the old editor became outdated. As a result, whenever something new about a tech service emerges, you must act quickly to update your content.

·Content about Goods

A website selling your company's items will primarily experience a pricing modification while remaining otherwise unchanged. The reason for this is that the product description is rarely updated. However, if the product is an active service, the content may get change. Ongoing video games are the best example, such as Mario Kart, Final Fantasy, etc. They go through many changes, and according to those shifts, you have to update your content about them with correct information.

4) Infographics

Infographics get used to display information, statistics, and knowledge visually. When there is a visual, people are six times more likely to recall the information.

Creating a new infographic about statistics is simple than updating an old one. Furthermore, not all infographics get centered on numbers. Some infographics include theories that may alter over time. These are the infographics that require immediate updating to avoid the spread of misinformation.

5) When Google Updates Its Engine

One of the most important times to update your content is when Google changes its algorithm. If you have a website, don't lose time and focus your content on these trends. For example, Google's first mobile-first program made all the website owner update their content and how it appeared on mobile phones. However, not all Google updates require an update. When Google launched passage ranking, it made little difference to the content or the page.


It's ideal to update your website content at least once per month; however, weekly is preferred. A minor change to the main page content or adding a new blog post could make a big difference in your tarffic.

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