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Top 5 AI Tools to Accelerate Your Marketing Team in 2023

As marketing AI continues its rapid evolution (with its global market value projected to hit more than 107.5 billion by 2028), it can be challenging to determine which tools are right for your needs and budget. To help you fast-track your marketing leadership, we’ve compiled the top 5 AI software options to supercharge your team next year. These tools leverage the latest AI advances to streamline key marketing functions like content creation, campaign optimization, data analysis, and much more.

This powerful AI writing assistant can generate marketing copy tailored to your brand and goals. Some of the key features include:


  • AI-generated blog posts, social media posts, and email newsletters: Simply provide Jasper with your content guidelines, keywords, and target length, and it will produce a draft for you to review and approve.

  • Customizable to your brand voice and style: The more content you generate with Jasper, the better it learns your company’s unique voice and tone. It becomes an extension of your marketing team.

  • Affordable and scalable: Jasper has a simple pricing model based on the number of AI-generated pieces of content you produce each month. It is designed to scale with your needs, whether you require 10 or 100 pieces of content per month.

  • Time-saving and efficient: By handling the initial drafts of various types of marketing content, Jasper allows your team to focus on the high-level strategy and reviewing, rather than starting from scratch each time.


  • Creator Plan - $39/month

  • Team’s Plan - $99/month

  • Business Plan - Provided Upon Request

Evolv AI is an artificial intelligence platform that helps marketing teams scale personalization and optimization.


  • Automated personalization: Evolv AI automatically tailors content, offers, and experiences for each customer based on their preferences and behavior. This allows you to provide highly personalized interactions at scale.

  • Continuous optimization: This tool is constantly learning from every customer interaction and making improvements to maximize key performance indicators like revenue, conversion rates, and customer satisfaction.

  • Easy integration: Evolv AI easily integrates with existing marketing technology stacks and customer data platforms. It does not require marketers to overhaul their current martech investments.

  • Transparency: The AI provides explainability into how its machine learning models work. This insight into the "black box" of AI helps build trust in the platform and ensures teams understand the logic behind its optimization recommendations.


The pricing is customized according to your needs.

With its automated video creation abilities and affordable pricing, Lumen5 can be an invaluable tool for marketing teams looking to scale their video content production without increasing costs or workload. The AI does the heavy lifting, while marketers guide and refine the results.


Lumen5 is an AI-powered video creation tool designed to automatically turn your blog posts, social media content, and landing pages into short, customized promotional videos.

To get started, simply connect your content sources like WordPress, Medium, or HubSpot to Lumen5. The artificial intelligence will analyze your content and use it to generate a video draft including images, text, animations, and a soundtrack. You can then customize the video by rearranging scenes, changing the visual theme, adding your logo, and recording a voiceover.


  • Community Plan - Free

  • Basic Plan - $19/month.

  • Starter Plan - $59/month.

  • Professional Plan - $149/month

  • Enterprise Plan - Custom Pricing

Decktopus is an AI-powered presentation tool that helps teams create stunning slide decks in a fraction of the time.


  • Sophisticated AI that designs professional slide decks tailored to your content and branding: The AI considers spacing, font sizes, image placement and color schemes to produce high-quality results.

  • A vast library of stylish templates to choose from: Whether you need a minimal design for an internal presentation or an eye-catching theme for a client pitch, there are options for any occasion

  • Effortless updates: If you need to make changes to your content or swap out images, simply update the material you uploaded and regenerate the slide deck. The AI will redesign the presentation using your new content.


  • Pro AI - $4.99/month

  • Business AI - $29.99/month

This AI copywriting tool focuses on optimizing subject lines and email copy. It analyzes your past high-performing content to identify key themes, phrases, and styles that resonate with your audience.


  • AI-generated subject lines and email copy tailored to your brand

  • A/B testing to determine highest-performing options

  • Real-time optimization of send times based on your audience’s behavior

  • Campaign performance reporting to track the impact of Phrasee’s optimizations


You must contact the developer for a custom quote.


The future of marketing is AI-powered, and companies unwilling or unable to adopt these advanced technologies will be left behind. 48% of marketing leaders say AI is making the most significant difference in how customers interact with them. To accelerate your team's growth in the coming year, invest in AI and empower your marketers with the tools they need to thrive. The rewards of increased productivity, revenue, and customer loyalty will be well worth the effort.


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