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Top YouTube Ads People Watched in APAC, June 2020

Updated: Oct 23, 2020

In June’s leaderboard, provided by Google, the top YouTube Advertisements were those that drew audiences who seek for positive vibe amidst this unpredictable period. Companies are quick to accommodate changes and continue to grow regardless of the pandemic.

For example, Let’s Cafe showcased a story of resilience reaping rewards, Google Australia helps wonderers to be wanderers, while GovSingapore presented an uplifting rendition of Singapore’s national anthem to encourage people to stay strong and increase solidarity among citizens.

Here are 13 top Youtube Ads that perfectly highlighted the amalgamation of three important aspects - Creativity, Culture, and Context.

1. Helping wonderers be wanderers - Google Australia

2. 全球首推雀巢® 能恩® 全護 INFINIPRO® 4號配方,奠定未來成長銳力!- 雀巢防敏 1000天計劃

3. XL Xtra Unlimited Turbo | Lebaran Banyaaaaak Kebaikan Tanpa Alasan - myXL

4. realme X3 SuperZoom | 60X Super Zoom Super Speed - realme India

5. クレヨンしんちゃん×クラフトボス「すべての父ちゃんたちへ」1分10秒 サントリー - サントリー公式チャンネル (SUNTORY)

6. [켈로그] 첵스파맛 미안 미안해 편 (71s) - Kellogg korea

7. Head & Shoulders #HairsomeMan - Head & Shoulders Malaysia

8. The captain has landed ahead of time! - Smart Communications

9. Hum Hain One - Zong

10. Onward Singapore - govsingapore

11. เจอวิกฤต เท่ากับฟ้าลิขิตให้เจอโอกาส ! เพียงใจสู้ให้สุด เพื่อลิขิตชีวิตตัวเอง - NESCAFÉ Thailand

12. Let's Café鑑定室-七萬七千次淬煉篇 - 全家便利商店

13. Sống Như Ý | Phim Âm Nhạc Cho Ngày Của Cha | GENERALI VIETNAM - Generali Vietnam


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