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3 Great Examples of Successful Retail Ad Campaigns on Facebook

Online ads are one of the most optimal routes to attract customers towards a retail business. Without a doubt, there are a plethora of online platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and others that can be harnessed to target customers with ads.

Surely the retail industry segment didn’t stay behind and has emerged as the highest digital ads investor. Consequently, as per Statista, global digital retail marketing spend was estimated to reach up to 362 billion by 2020.

Additionally, Monkmarketers statistics suggest that 25% of users said that Facebook ads influence their online shopping experience. Moreover, around 65% of the total users on Facebook use mobile for accessing Facebook.

Therefore, these statistics provide a clear picture that this is the best time to leverage the power of Facebook ads to expand your customer base.

Need some motivation? Check out these top three Facebook Retail Ad Campaigns


Run Time: May - June (2019)

Target Region and Audience: Philippines citizens aged between 20-30 years


The ad campaign undertaken by the largest convenience store chain in the Philippines was super successful.

It not only elevated the sales figure of the targeted product but also helped in boosting the sales of other products of the same brand with respect to the preceding year.


The major goal of the Facebook ad campaign led by 7-Eleven was to attract more users towards its loyalty program. Other than this, the campaign also promoted Danone’s B’lue vitamin water. The marketing campaign was put into action for monitoring the effect on offline sales of the product.


7-Eleven partnered with Danone (a consumer product company) to test Facebook collaborative ads.

To bring more users into their loyalty program, 7-Eleven allowed Danone to run ads of their product (B’lue vitamin water) on their Facebook page for promotion. Danone also offered vouchers to the users that could be redeemed at the nearest 7-Eleven stores.

These collection format ads also featured a call-to-action button that provided directions to the nearest 7-Eleven store for voucher redemption. The punchline here was that the voucher could be redeemed only using the loyalty card.

Buyer Journey Stages Targeted:

Well, the collection format video ads were not just limited to members of the 7-Eleven loyalty program, but it also targeted other individuals in the age group of 20-30 years.

It was evident that users who have a 7-Eleven store nearby will definitely share it with others and be a member of the loyalty program.

Did they Succeed?

Absolutely, the state of the art campaign launched by 7-Eleven yielded:

  • 26% boost in the sales of the highlighted product (B’lue vitamin water)

  • 31% rise in the sales of other B’lue range of products.

Products Used:

Collaborative ads, Video ads, Core Audiences, Custom Audiences, Lookalike Audiences.


Run Time: September 9-30 (2018)

Target Region and Audience: Worldwide


Just like you thought, the ads packed with the images and videos of some renowned celebrities of Hollywood killed it on Facebook.

The ad campaign of Breitling for its Navitimer 8 wristwatch brought quality results for the watchmaker. The ad reached out to around 35.2 million users worldwide. Moreover, it also boosted ad recall in various countries.


The sole goal for the swiss watchmaker was to spread brand awareness and generate sales for its upcoming product through the advertising campaign called ”Cinema Squad.”


Many of us are influenced or inspired by one or the other famous celebrity. And this was the factor that Breitling leveraged.

The watchmaker brought together four Hollywood celebrities, Brad Pitt, Charlize Theron, Adam Driver, and Daniel Wu, in a Facebook ad to stimulate the user and boost its product sales.

To produce these short and stimulating FB ads, Breitling worked in parallel with its media agency Wavemaker, creative agency Spring Studios, and Facebook creative shop.

The brand harnessed a full spectrum of ad formats to reach out to maximum people around the world through social media.

Buyer Journey Stages Targeted:

To enable a smooth transition of users from awareness stage to consideration and finally to purchase, Breitling centred on developing ads in multiple formats.

Along with the inclusion of Hollywood stars, the brand created short-form videos, instant experience, photo ads, dynamic ads, collection format ads, and even carousel ads to attract and sustain potential customers.

Did they Succeed?

The following statistics were a clear indication of the success of the campaign undertaken by Breitling.

The campaign reached about 35.2 million users worldwide.

  • A 25-point increase in ad recall in Germany.

  • A 22-point increase in ad recall in the UK.

  • A 6.6-point boost in favorability in the US.

Products Used:

Dynamic ads, Collection, Instant Experience, Video ads, Ads in stories, Measurement, Carousel.


Run Time: January 2020 (3 weeks before Chinese New Year)

Target Region and Audience: Malaysia / Malaysians, and those who have seen Chinese new year ads.


The power-packed live Facebook session hosted by one of the largest supermarkets in Malaysia was a huge success. The live campaign fostered a massive boost of 11% in sales.


To leverage the fact that video consumption increases in festive seasons, Tesco tried the Facebook video ads option to spread awareness about its upcoming new year offerings.


The approach followed by the brand was fairly innovative. Tesco partnered with a number of local influencers to host a 13-hour Facebook live event, which entailed presentations of various new year product selections.

To trigger the user’s interest and excitement in the event, Tesco released a short video ad right before the event. To make it more interactive, a tagline was included that said: “Semua Ong Mali”, which meant bringing prosperity to all customers.

These ads targeted Malaysian people. Besides, it also tried to attract some custom audiences, including Clubcard members, along with those who have seen the Chinese new year ads.

Buyer Journey Stages Targeted:

The introduction of a teaser ad, in the beginning, acted as a great awareness source for the audience. Moreover, to persuade the audience into buying the product, Tesco brought influencers and product experts into the picture.

They presented the product in a live Facebook session and also replied to user comments. To make the users want it more, Tesco hosted hourly giveaways, discounts, and special deals.

Did they Succeed?

Yes, the Facebook Live awareness campaign was a remarkable success for the supermarket brand. The video session brought them:

  • 11% hike in the sales year over year.

  • It reached about 2 million people.

  • It harnessed 60,000 viewers with the help of ThruPlay.

Products Used:

Video ads, Facebook Live, Custom audiences

Want to build a Brilliant Ad Campaign?

Well, if you are ready, then you must understand that there is no one factor that governs the success of a campaign. There is a need to inspect every aspect before beginning your ad campaign.

The brands listed above not only focussed on making catchy ads but also targeted dedicated audiences to boost user engagement. They also made sure that their campaign reaches every type of device in different ad formats.

One should also have knowledge of various Facebook tools so as to choose the right one when required.

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